Error when trying to update the Mass Mailer App

Hello UNA Team,

I am unable to update the Mass Mailer App from version 13.0.5 to 13.0.6 on one of my UNA sites. I have managed to update it on my other dev sites without any issue at all. But on this specific one, I am getting this error when trying to update it from studio:

There are errors in the following MySQL queries:
Error: Duplicate entry 'bx_massmailer_campaign_send_all-controls' for key 'display_input'
UPDATE `sys_form_display_inputs` SET `input_name`='controls' WHERE `display_name` IN ('bx_massmailer_campaign_send_test', 'bx_massmailer_campaign_send_all') AND `input_name`='controls2';

How can I fix this problem and update the app?


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