Lang key missing but not really

ewagger7zyurhtnenb5rmkmw5xgakpni.gifI added 2 videos on my timeline..looks good.. in upper right corner a notification show up sayin "member" added timeline post with VIDEO.

now if I type my name in search block it will show language key instead of ..."with video"

I have checked lang keys in studio and it is there. compiling/restoring eng lang doesnt do anything.

Is there any solution for this?

Thanks in advance.

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    • Hello @Nurke !

      It seems something wasn't right during the event and Timeline "has eat" the record with unprocessed lang key.

      • hi,

        This is what I found...

        If a Poster adds a video on his timeline, without any description , Follower will receive email and notification (upper right corner) that Poster added a video with wording like " Poster added timeline post with video. Looks good...

        Then if a Follower click on search button and type posters name.. search result will display Posters icon and _bx_timeline_txt_sample_with_video wording next to it. Not good.

        Now, if a Poster adds a video and types lets say "redlight runner" in description field of added video, but before submitting it... then submits it... everything is fine... email and bell notification AND search results will show Icon and wording like … added timeline post Redlight runner. This is even better.

        Also, adding a video without description... shows Lang key...editing already posted video and adding description wont change wording, it will still show lang key in search results.

        Maybe figuring out how to make description field mandatory so users have to type something would eliminate this issue.

        • Couldn't reproduce from my side. BTW - may you check plz if your UNA has the actual Timeline and English apps?

          • Hi...what do you mean by actual timeline? Timeline and other app i got are from studio made by una. English language is the only installed.

            Had also missing lang key for "manage" link under homepage...that one was missing complately and i added it. But lang key for "with video" is there and shows in notifications and emails but not on timeline...unless you add description...

            • I mean if both apps have the latest version installed in your UNA. It is possible to check via Studio->Apps Market->Updates area. If there you may see just the "Empty" word then it is OK. If you see there the list of the apps but without Timeline and English - it is still good. It relates to the Channels too. You may provide me your UNA studio access via Messenger to check from my side too.

              • Hi again! Thank you for the signal! @Anton L has created a ticket:

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