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Permissions for unauthenticated users

Unauthenticated users can see people and discussions.  

In permissions there is no place to "Turn Off" viewing at people,  however there is a off switch for Viewing Discussions which does not work either, an unauthenticated user can get through to see who the people are that have joined the network and view discussions which we prefer to reserve for members who join.

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    • You can disable viewing profiles via Studio > Permissions > Actions > Unauthenticated > disable "View Person's Profile"

      Also you can restrict people to \browse pages via Studio > Pages > Persons > New People (or other pages) > Settings > Visibility > check all levels except Unauthenticated

      • Thanks for that Alex.

        The first option you suggest I had done already but unauthenticated users could still click on the "People" and discover from there.

        The second option you provided works.

        Much appreciated.

        • Hello cr0atz !

          If you limit the action "View Person's Profile" it means that the guests will not see the defined discussion thread, but the blocks with some threads lists will be available. So in this case you need to hide similar blocks with Visibility option like AlexT answered above.

          Not logged in users can't 'Comments Post'.
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