Profile Pages not loading or taking too long to load

Hello UNA Team,

I am having a very weird issue with Person and Organization profiles.

After updating from UNA 12 to UNA 13-B3, I started having a Database query error when trying to visit a profile as I reported here (Issue #1):

Then @Anton L created a ticket and fixed this bug here:

Since then, Person and Organization profiles never worked the same again.

On the following pages:




when I click on a profile, nothing happens. It doesn't load the profile page. I have to click multiple times on a profile before it loads and when it loads, it takes too long to open.

I have the same problem even when accessing the profile through the 'Account Notification' menu (popup at the top right hand corner of the site) > Profile.

It's a clean UNA installation, no members and I didn't make any change on the profile page. I have started having this issue since I updated to UNA 13 and after applying the fix to the bug explained above. Also I am have this problem on profile pages only.


In the bx_profiler.log file I got the following error:

2022-11-26 09:20:49 LONG PAGE OPEN: 127.8368 sec
User ID: 3
User role: admin
Request method: GET
Query string: _q=view-persons-profile/yyyy-yyyyyy
Request URI: /view-persons-profile/yyyy-yyyyyy
Script name: /r.php
PHP self: /r.php

Please help!


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    • UPDATE: My issue was resolved. My Persons and Organization Profiles are loading fine now, no longer slow page loading.

      It was a server problem not a UNA update issue.

      I had to contact the support of my Hosting Provider. They updated my DNS server settings, cleared my server cache and renewed my AutoSSL that stopped working. Everything is back to normal and working fine now.  Thanks.

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