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Spaces, Channels or Groups?

Dear Community.

We need a little piece of advice on which path to follow.

In The Educated Singles Club, we want to have a topic of the month, e.g. architecture, where we want to encourage members to contribute and participate in discussions. We also want to invite external capacities to present something online through a prerecorded presentation.

Lastly, we want to give visitors, standard and premium members different access rights.

My question is which one would be the best path to follow. Using Groups, Spaces or Channels?

Thank you very much in advance for your input


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    • I would choose Spaces. Andrew Boon  wrote a great post in the past that explains the differences. See below:

      module is the most capable of all context-modules since it supports sub-spaces. We generally recommend it for structuring websites by some predefined pattern, like regions, schools, specialities, etc. Say, if you are creating a network for a country, you could use Spaces to generate contexts for States and Towns. Spaces can be private, public and secret.

      are more generic. People have certain preconceptions about how Groups work and that makes them useful for allowing standard members create ad-hoc groups without any predefined hierarchy. Groups can not have subgroups. So, people can just add a group like "Proud Bikies" or "We all love pizza" and use it as they will. Groups can be private, public and secret.

      are different. They are auto-generated from hashtags and labels. You can pre-create labels for various modules to suggest associations and steer the community towards certain topics. Channels can be followed, but can't be joined. They are always public. Unique feature is that you can associate content items with multiple channels, while you can only post them to one Group or Space, because Groups and Spaces privacy settings define content visibility, making it impossible to post to multiple without complex cross-checking.

      • Indeed would the best option, especially if you need to associate content with multiple spaces. Since I posted the above, Spaces can also have their own hierarchy - if you create labels and sub-labels in Studio, they will be linked to corresponding Spaces.

        • Thank you very much. We will play with it and figure out how it works in relation to the ideas we have. But it sounds like the right option

          • I like Spaces because you can add a small group of people without having to change privacy settings in posts for every time you want a certain demographic of people to see a post. 

            • Thank you very much for your input. 

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