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What is the equivalent of these hooks from wordpress into UNA?

I built a plugin for wordpress that uses shortcodes and hooks. I need to recreate it in UNA. It pulls some data from the database. What is the equivalent of these?

1. ! is_user_logged_in()  = this is the condition to see whether the user is logged in or not

2. user_login = this gets the user's account username

3. user_email = this gets the user's email address

4. time() = function that gets the current time from the mysql database

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    • Hello Genesis !

      The mentioned functions have the following analogs in UNA:

      1) isLogged (inc/profiles.inc.php)

      2-3) BxDolAccount::getInstance()->getDisplayName and BxDolAccount::getInstance()->getDisplayEmail (inc/classes/BxDolAccount.php)

      4) no analog :-( you need to call the MySQL query from the BxDolDb->getRow() method.

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