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Working Spanish Translation for UNA??

Searching high & low for a Working Spanish Translation... Willing to purchase or sponsor completion...
If there is no working module, how many others need one?


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    • We have a been working on a Spanish translation, right now is 60% done, we will release it next month. We need to make sure every new key from every module is added, we are waiting for the final UNA 12 version to finish it.


      • MSolutions please contact me thru pm. Very interested as I have a need to service a large group. 

        • Yo tengo la traduccion me la he hecho yo mismo y de casi todos los modulos.

          Mandame privado

          • Back in 2017 i translated the English mod to Spanish and created the Spanish Module, but i never uploaded it to the market, just using it on one of my sites. When i get some time i'm probably going to give it an update to the una12v, and make it available here in the market.

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            Fred Stuckey
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