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I am learning how to create search forms for Persons.  I have created 5 search forms for Persons.  How do I delete some of these search forms?  I can't seem to find the delete button. 

Thanks in advance.  

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    • Hello Simon !

      What do you see in the Studio->Forms->Persons->Search forms area? What level has your profile?

      • Hello LeonidS,   My profle is Admin.  Did I somehow have to set to give Admin permission to delete search forms created?  If so, I have no idea how to do this.  It would be great if I got a link for this task.

          In the Studio->Forms->Persons->Search forms area?  I see a see 6 counts, the system name are (as you can see I attempt to create this search page many times and failed so I tried again... then I stopped my attempts because I had all these search pages created and wasn't able to delete them)



        Persons Search

        Persons Comments Search

        Advanced Search

        Persons Search Adv

        There is no delete button on this page.   

        Thanks for any assistance provided.

        • btw, I was successful creating the Search page but I had renamed something and lost that page... and because I had so many pages created and I didn't keep track of which page I tweaked so that succesful search page I created was lost.  

          I've attached my Persons Search Forms page for your reference.


          • Well, by default the Persons app has 2 search forms:

            Persons Search and Persons Comments Search. Just be sure not to delete those 2. The search objects are stored in the `sys_objects_search` table, you may delete all fewer forms there (backup this table first).

            • LeonidS Thank you!

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