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Hello everyone! I'm the one from the nice BoonEx team!

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Michael Beloved , LeonidS
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I misunderstood and sent details on the UNA admin.

I just sent the correct details for cPanel

if you do not get it please inform me

Michael Beloved , LeonidS
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regarding site access trouble

here is the cpanel info. what i sent before was the una admin.

Michael Beloved , LeonidS
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pages not responding inquiry

here is it

LeonidS, I did that but still the same

Your UNA administrator area is located here:


and you can login there using the following details:


username: admin

password: NMf@hR@7#R

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Just a test

pt1pp , LeonidS
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Many social places placing emotion emojis like that. I think will bw nice to have here too

lucipher , LeonidS
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Sir is it possible to configure my market to sell more than apps but goods

MoneyBoy , LeonidS
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I’m a little confuse.. would we purchasing una type platform or would we be purchasing online.me type platform? / layout? When transferring data from the Dolphin to UNU program? 

Which are we transferred to? 

lu_cipher , LeonidS
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In a situation whereby you wish to establish a subscription, is it possible to limit members from accessing the market or any other function?

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