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Hi AQB Soft,

This does not look good. If a person marks a Page's visibility to "Only Me" I would hope that no cards would show. Currently it's showing cards, but marking them as "Private" on the Person's profile. 



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    • Hello

      It's a common way of how UNA works with Private content. You may see the same results if you'll create 'Me Only' posts, photos, etc.

      Profile page (subpages) should show all content but depending on the 'relations' between Owner and Views the content will be visible (for example, privacy is set to Friends, Owner and Views are friends) or invisible (privacy is set to Me Only, etc).

      Home page, module's home page (subpages) have only public listings. It means that they have items with Public visibility only. In this case you won't see cards with 'Private Content'.

      ---Best RegardsAnton

      • Hello Anton, ok, but ideally, regarding the information displayed by the module "Profile Cards" it should still obey the rules of confidentiality defined by the member. But I do not know if it's possible to display "private" instead.


        • In other words do you want profiles that are restricted by privacy settings to not show any fields and instead display a "private" word for info lines?

          • I have re-purposed the Pages module by AQB Soft into a Portfolio system. The "Page" is one individual portfolio item, unless the item has a visibility setting that would allow the viewer to see it (e.g. Public, a friend, etc), then I do not want the item to show at all for that viewer. They should only see the "Page" card if they have rights to view it. Currently it shows "Private", which is undesirable, because a person could have 30+ items in their profile, which means it will show 30 cards with "Private". It's just not a good UX. 

            • Hello Alexander, yes that's exactly it, thank you.

              • An update to version 1.1.2 has been released which implements this.

                • Tested, just perfect like that, thank you very much :-)

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