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We are group of professional programmers from Company with a big experience in web development (more then 10 years).

We have been successfully working with Boonex during last 10 years and guarantee 100% quality and unlimited support for our products and custom work. You may read more about our team on our own site.

Feel free contact us via inbox or our own email address
AQB Soft
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Hello everybody.

We start this thread to notify you about all new Apps and Apps' updates.
Feel free to check it from time to time and may be you'll find something interesting and useful for you. :)

Best Regards
AQB Soft Team

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Hi guys! I have a question on your points system module: is it possible to gain points on received reactions, i.e. gained likes on an article posted, for example?

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AQB Soft
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This module allows yours members to spend earned points. It means members will be able to buy products in Market, Membership levels and other things from 3rd modules (if they are properly integrated to the UNA payment system). Points Wallet can be used for one time and for recurring payments.

It works as add-on for Points System and integrated as standard payment provider.

Admin can set conversion rate to convert real price to points.

Points Wallet additionally allows to set Cashback as percentage of the purchase price. Cashback can be enabled for standard and recurring payments

#Points #Currency

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Zachary S Robbins
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I purchased the Three Pack of Photo, Video, and some other kind of contest, but I don't see it on my site

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AQB Soft
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The module allows a site's admin to create a #coupon #codes which can be used by site's members to purchase #membership levels. This could be a great way to #promote your site on other resources.


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Zachary S Robbins
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I clicked on timeline, posts, profile, and discussions, and the Find Friends module isn't finding anyone. It doesn't appear on the pages at all. It's hit or miss. Any recommendations?

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AQB Soft
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The module allows the site's admin to more granularly manage visibility of available for upgrade. It allows to control paid levels visibility based on type of a profile and gender. For example this makes it possible to charge differently organizations and persons for the same level of access. As another example it makes it possible to allow women to get a paid level for free while keep this option hidden for profiles with gender set to "Not Specified" or "Man" which may be useful for dating sites.

NOTE: The module depends on the Paid Levels module offered by UNA Inc. I.e. you must install the Paid Levels module first in order to use the Paid Levels Splitter as an extension.

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AQB Soft
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Integration one of the best payment gateways for cryptocurrencies.  Now supporting 1925 altcoins: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Altcoins, and more!

We have integrated the all available payment methods for internal and externals payments.

More information here


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Standing Strong Online
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BTW Loving the points system. Only issue we have noticed so far is when using Mobile App- Apple IOS, There is some layout issues with Text behind profile picture/leaders and text crossing over other text.

Is this a bug and will be in the next update?


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Hello everybody.We start this thread to notify you about all new Apps and Apps' updates.Feel free to…
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