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We are group of professional programmers from Company with a big experience in web development (more then 10 years).

We have been successfully working with Boonex during last 10 years and guarantee 100% quality and unlimited support for our products and custom work. You may read more about our team on our own site.

Feel free contact us via inbox or our own email address
AQB Soft
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Hello everybody.

We start this thread to notify you about all new Apps and Apps' updates.
Feel free to check it from time to time and may be you'll find something interesting and useful for you. :)

Best Regards
AQB Soft Team

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AQB Soft
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This module allows you to automate and . This is a tool for keeping your members connected to your site by sending them automatic or at a certain conditions/events. In other words this module allows you to create a so called , which is automatically being sent to all members who meet selected criteria and at a configured date(s)/events.

Main features list:

  • Multi-language support.
  • Allows to filter targeted profiles by membership level and missing profile pics.
  • Allows to send internal auitomated messages directly to the Conversations module.
  • Allows to schedule automails at:
  •    Every X day
  •    Day X since profile registration
  •    Day X since account last login
  •    Exact Date (annually if necessary)
  •    Profile's Birthday

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Hello, where can I test AQB Soft?

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Hi AQB Soft

Is there any way to evaluate "Banners"? See how it works, try it, before deciding to buy it.


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Ryan James
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I am having an issue where when members reach a certain points threshold, their member level is not being updated properly.  I have the Update membership level when member reaches the points level set to go to the level when they reach it, but when they do, they are not upgraded.  For example, they start out as standard with minimal permissions...once they reach 25 points they reach the bronze level and thus should have their membership level upgraded to bronze, but for some reason this is not happening.

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Hi, I want to change the Following/Friends system on my site so everyone is a Follower/Friend by default and have to unfollow/unfriend members individually.

In essence I want to make Following (or Friends) an opt-out decision as opposed to the normal opt-in

My site is a family orientated site so by default everyone is a relation so would want to be Followers/Friends in UNA by default.

Can the Auto Friend module do something like this?

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AQB Soft
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This module replaces the default Location field anywhere on a site with an interactive where a member can precisely point out by dragging/putting a marker directly on a map. It also tries to help to place a marker by automatically geolocating member's position using GPS coordinates if available (works only on sites which are using HTTPS protocol). It also replaces all blocks with google static maps with an interactive map and a location marker.

It supports a variety of map providers and styles, including Maps, , () and many others. A lot of maps providers/styles examples you can find by this link: Most of these providers are free to use, which means that you don't have to pay anything in order to use the maps on your site. So this can provide a complete alternative to google maps/services if necessary.

You may also be interested in Locations Map which is fully compatible with this module.

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AQB Soft
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This app adds a possibility to say "Hello" to the other site members. Similar functionality is available in Dolphin (Send Greeting/Send Kiss) and the other social networks. 

For now a greeting can be sent from view profile page (see screenshot №1). Site member who received a greeting will see it in My Greetings block which is available on Dashboard and Profile View pages (see screenshot №2). Also he'll be notified via default UNA's Notifications app (see screenshot №3).

, , , , , ,

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I just purchased your Article app and thought it was able to do ratings?  I am wanting to modify it do rate things like truck stops.  I do not see the rating stars on it anywhere??

Can the rating stars be added in admin???

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