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We are group of professional programmers from Company with a big experience in web development (more then 10 years).

We have been successfully working with Boonex during last 10 years and guarantee 100% quality and unlimited support for our products and custom work. You may read more about our team on our own site.

Feel free contact us via inbox or our own email address
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Added a discussion 

Hello everybody.

We start this thread to notify you about all new Apps and Apps' updates.
Feel free to check it from time to time and may be you'll find something interesting and useful for you. :)

Best Regards
AQB Soft Team

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    • Hello!

      New CoinPayments 2.0.1 version has been released. There is a fix for signature.

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      • Hello everyone!

        Popup Blocks 1.0.0 has been released.
        You are welcome to view full features list on product's page.
        Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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        • Hello everybody!

          Greeting 1.0.1 was released. Changes log:
          1. Issue with Notifications was fixed.
          2. Minor bug fixes.

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          Added a product 

          This simple module allows to create a "block of blocks" on any page. I.e. you can create a with a to load content of other as a .
          The block of quick links supports horizontal . It allows you to provide your own icons for each link/block.
          This can help to save space on a and make it look simple and clean yet functional.

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            • Well worth the wait. VERY well done guys. This will save a lot of room on any page we choose to add it to not to mention that adding quick links (Popup Blocks) to the page makes the user experience much better and easier..

              Something I'd like to see added thou (if possible)  is an option to edit the popup block so we can add instructions or any extra info we feel might be needed to display within the popup.

              BTW, It was very easy to setup. And if anyone is interested, here is a good place to grab icons.

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              • Very useful, I use all areas of site so to see so many blocks on page can become cumbersome if a person were to view the profile. Also the price is good. I wish your field and category apps were around the same price. I find this price more worth it.

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                • Can you please make events and courses able to be used in the module as well. I did not see show on the list of options when looking through it. 

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                  • The module shows all blocks that are currently available for a page. So if you need events then first add that block to a page as a regular block and then it should appear as an option in the Popup Blocks. After adding it there you can deactivate or even delete the regular block. 

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                    • That would make sense, Since I reinstalled I have no added events back to profiles to show. Thank you. 

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                    • Is there anyway to make these blocks conditional like the blocks on the page. For example some blocks will not show unless you have added an item like Albums, Videos, Etc. If not is that something you could possibly attempt to add in the future? 

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                      • Unfortunately no. The module does not analyse the type of blocks, content, modules, etc. This module just shows a block by calling a copy of that block's code. I.e. this is a general purpose module.
                        What you're asking is a much more specific task. Specific for your use case, which requires a custom approach.

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                      Added a product 

                      This module is designed to allow site members to share their ideas and demands. A member can post an idea, get some discussion about it if he wants to and wait for someone to implement it. This can serve as a nice tool to determine your members' requirements and demands. For example before making some changes to the site you can describe it as an idea and see the feedback of your members regarding that new feature.

                      Besides that it can be used simply to discuss common ideas and collect opinions and votes, thus giving a score and making it easier to decide whether an idea is worthwhile or not according to public opinions/votes.

                      An Idea supports comments, opinions (a message left while putting a vote) and status updates (a messages which could be posted by a responsible profile). Each Idea can be taken by someone for an implementation and since that moment that profile becomes the idea's responsible person who is allowed to post updates and move the idea to the "Implemented" or "Failed" status. In addition to this a responsible profile is allowed to send mass emails to all voters of an idea.

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                      Added a product 

                      This simple module creates a block with a Code on a profile view page. The QR Code contains an URL to that profile's page. This allows to easily links on mobiles.
                      Also an owner of a profile is allowed to download the QR Code as a png image for a later use. For example share it on some external resources or print it and share it in a real world this way making it very easy for people to reach the profile without necessity to type in a long profile URL/address in their browser's address bar.
                      You can even force it to display your site's logo at a centre.

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                        • Great module! Does what it says, works like a charm. Very usefull!

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                          Added a discussion  to  , AQB Soft

                          Before I purchase Autoonline, I have a question. Does the module require the admin to create fake online profiles that are searchable by end users? Can end users look for the created profiles and discover they are not real?  

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                            • Will the profiles have pictures? 

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                              • The module does not generate fake profiles. It just takes existing profiles and puts them online artificially. This means that if all profiles on your site have pictures then those, who will be put online also will have pictures. 

                                In the module's settings it is possible to enable "pictures only" mode, in which the module will be putting online only those profiles which do have a profile pic set and will be ignoring those who doesn't have a pic.

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                                • Thanks so much. Sent you a private message about another matter. 

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