Launch your own network

UNA is free to download and use on your own server with community support. Choose a plan to access premium apps, direct support, and Cloud hosting.

$ 79 /month
  • Access to all PowerApps

  • Direct support (email)

  • UNA Premium Membership

Instant launch
Pro Cloud
$ 179 /month
  • Access to all PowerApps

  • Direct support (email or messenger)

  • UNA Premium Membership

  • Instant launch on UNA Cloud

  • Cloud 4 - 4GB/RAM 2/CPU 80GB/SSD

$ 799 /month
  • Discounted setup fee

  • Access to all PowerApps

  • Custom hosting setup

  • Dedicated project support

Building something special?

✋ We have limited availability for Tailored service engagements. New project applications require a reference from an existing UNA client and approval from the UNA team. Some projects may be declined, so please book a demo call before ordering.


Engage UNA core team to create a tailored solution according to your specific idea. We offer full scope of development, customization, training, design implementation, integration, compliance, performance optimization, and hosting infrastructure design services.

What's included

  • Dedicated project management

  • Custom design and implementation

  • 30 hours service block

  • Training and support via video-calls

Month-to-month. No contract.

$3,600 USD

+ add extra services

multi-domain and OEM

Building something big?

Create a multi-domain network for your enterprise project or build communities for your clients.

Agency / OEM

$7,900 /mo

Distribute your own solution based on UNA or build custom networks for your clients.

  • Unlimited client websites

  • PowerApps for all websites

  • Direct support and training

  • Professional Services (up to 30 hours)


$27,900 /mo

Create a large-scale network of multiple interconnected websites and apps.

  • Unlimited domains/instances

  • PowerApps

  • Premium support SLA

  • Professional Services (up to 120 hours)


Qualified non-profit organizations that align with the UNA team core values may be eligible for free or discounted service. We would be happy to help your cause and often we don't ask much more than a referral link to aknowledge our contribution.

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