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Oops! An error occurred with images (12).jpg file: error occurred

Getting this error on upload. I am using S3 and all kind of storage setting. Made S3 bucket public but not working.

I am using UNA 12.1.0

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Which version of una is stable at this time?

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When I use option Login with Google. Then it signed in till just the browser is open.

When i exit the browser and try open that again it is getting logged out.

I want it to be logged in until user log out it manually.

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Getting error in Console Log - Dropzone is not defined

Upload was working yesterday, but not working today.

Can't upload any files. The file uploader is not opening...

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This is the fresh installation and I am getting this error.

I am using the right key and secret. I have checked it multiple times.

I am using UNA 12.1.0

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Hey @Leonid S

if you will remove min-w-88 class from the search div in the header. This will fix the issue of mobile responsiveness.

<div class="bx-toolbar-item bx-ti-search flex flex-1 items-center justify-end ml-4 min-w-88">

Watch the video for better understand

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@AQB Soft

In Quizzes Module, Longer than 250 character questions are getting cropped into 250 characters.

Is there a way to increase this?

And I also want to know any text editor for questions that can support math equations?

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I don't why this is happening. Like notification emails and other kinds of emails are reaching on the time to the mailbox.

But email verification mail going too much slow.

Can anybody help me?

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Hey @AQB Soft ,

When I am posting an open debate with public privacy. Then only friends are able to add an opinion in that debate, whereas other people should also be able to add opinions because the debate is on public privacy.

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