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When I use option Login with Google. Then it signed in till just the browser is open.When i exit the browser and try open that again it is getting logged out.I want it to be logged in until user log out it manually.
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Getting error in Console Log - Dropzone is not definedUpload was working yesterday, but not working today. Can't upload any files. The file uploader is not opening...
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This is the fresh installation and I am getting this error.I am using the right key and secret. I have checked it multiple times.I am using UNA 12.1.0
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Hey @Leonid Sif you will remove min-w-88 class from the search div in the header. This will fix the issue of mobile responsiveness. <div class="bx-toolbar-item bx-ti-search flex flex-1 items-center justify-end ml-4 min-w-88"> Watch the video for better understand
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@AQB Soft In Quizzes Module, Longer than 250 character questions are getting cropped into 250 characters.Is there a way to increase this?And I also want to know any text editor for questions that can support math equations?
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