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I've come visiting after a while i was not here. I've been in dolphin at first then moved to una at early stages. I had a great website that has been down because i did not had time maintaing it due to school tasks. BUT now that i see una i just love what i see. The design is amazing and very responsive plus dark mode!. New modules, security, performance etc.

Great work team una and Andrew.

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Group for the israelis of us. we will discuss, share knowledge and have fun.

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I cant see the talk pane, anybody got this?

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I try to install unw on map for safe development purpose. Ive copied una files to localhost but i get error of not exist. Someone have experience this?

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I've seen some product here that make me angry they are for purchase while there is an ocean of free plugin by the open source community available for all for free

          https://github.com/ocrdu/rss-scrolling-news-ticker (demo)


          With a little effort you can copy & paste UNA's posts module and change the name to whatever u like

          Just copy & paste UNA's glossary module and change the name to whatever u like

          If u know a littel html & javascript u can do it in 5 minutes by adding block, button and location.href="google.com"

         Add a block and extract the name using js from on of the element on the page

This is not against the vendor but its just so dumb to sell this simple things, its lower UNA's grade, there are some product that are more complex and worth your money like saved search by AQB, Instant Notify by Msoulotion (but i still think he is the worst communication in vendors. be warned) or Profile Completeness.

I will like to see here a great vendor who sales usable products who make performance 75% higher, add macros, sticks blocks etc. Its time to see here some real damn good vendors 👷👌

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