Panic Button

This module adds a floating button that will quickly redirect to another site upon clicking.

 If you are running a site that deals with confidential information or an Adult-based site, you may want to give your users a quick way to exit in the case where their usage of the site is intruded upon by someone. 

Even if your site does not have any sensitive content you may still want to give members this ability (for example, if they are browsing at work and want to exit fast if the boss is coming).

Administrator has the ability to change the Redirect link which is triggered upon pressing the panic button.

Administrator has the ability to change the vertical position of the button.

Administrator has the ability to change the orientation of the button (left or right side of the page).

The label is configurable (it is a language string), so you could actually use this for other purposes if desired.

This module has compatible versions for UNA 11 and 12.

You can view my full list of modules at

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    • Patch 1.0.1 is released - This provides UNA 12 compatibility.

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