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Trying to get some support with my site. @Andrey Yasko @Alex T⚜️ I've sent details to you both via messages. Please take a look. Thanks.

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I have 60 profiles I am trying to send to. They have not been unsubscribed as they've never been sent anything before. They are all activated and confirmed accounts. When I create a campaign, I choose to send after I test but it is stating that it will only send to 41 profiles.

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Has always been a cool video


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UNA 11 has been released and I'm liking it. Seems to be overall faster opening and closing windows and working in the back end especially.

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Just noticed that before beta update, I was able to select my audience for when posting updates or photos/videos etc. Now since the beta update for 11, there is only Public in the drop down box. I see that Create Post (Public) is set active in Pages-->Homepage. I try changing deactivating Create Post (Public) and activating Create Post (Context) but since I have German and Russian modules installed also, after I click Active and Save, the following image shows up. I enter title for German and click save, then the same popup for Russian. Type in the title for Russian and click save, then the popup for German again. It keeps doing the same thing over and over. I cannot activate the Create Post (Context) block.


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