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I like the new look, professional and clean design! Overall, it's heading in the right direction... Thanks @Andrey Yasko and UNA TEAM! :-)

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@LeonidS @Alex T⚜️

I have the Streams subscription. When i click on Self-serve Portal, i get this pop-up window showing something is loading but it never does.

  1. What is the self-serve for?
  2. What options do i have to test the Streams module? I tried setting my own OME server but didn't have any luck making it work. Is UNA now offering a plan for Video Streaming?



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Lets begin the fun... :)


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Just installed UNA 13-A2 and have all the licenses in place, and i can link/connect to the Apps Market no problem, but when i click download, i get the package isn't compatible message. This is doing it for all apps, even with the v13s. Am i missing anything on my setup or are these market apps temporary disable for download on the Alpha?

I could manually download/install the apps but it is a lot easier to just do it automatically from Studio. :-)


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Would be nice if a pop-up window/message is displayed to the profile owner every time an achievement is gained, (example: going from Grand Master to Deity).


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Alex T⚜️ LeonidS 

  1. Albums page will give an HTTP ERROR 500 blank page when php is switched to 8.0 v
  2. Server Audit (in Studio) will not pull any data when php is switched to 8.0 v

As soon as switch back to php 7.4, everything works fine again.



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Are there any good alternatives to Giphy? Trying to stay away from facebook stuff. :)

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Is there an easier way to disable all Page Covers at once, instead of doing one by one? 📰 Am I missing that option somewhere?

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Reposted lucke13b's discussion.

Hello.  I just stumbled across this platform a few days ago and I am very excited to try it out.  I successfully installed version 12.0.0-B2; the home page loads and I am able to login to the back-end (studio).  When I go to the home page as a visitor and click on the "join now" button or the login button, neither works.  More specifically, when either link is clicked, the home page simply reloads and so neither link takes me anywhere.  What am I missing?

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