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  • Tags are working u can see it on my site how it will be looks like


    for tags u need the module Channels [ https://una.io/page/view-product?id=143 ] its free to use

    People can set hashtags in all places were u have a editor on site. I love this module really.

    At my first time i was confused, UNA call it channels, but they are Hashtags with own profiles, but u can make own translation and call it Hashtags or tags.

    , , , , ,

    Hashtags under profile, it is the own profile discription box


    Followed Hashtags / Channels in timeline:


    Popular Hashtags insert as Trends:


    Hashtag / Channel profile with there own content:


    • HI, I know functionality of ...

      But We want oto have Multi level or cascaded or tree categorisation ..
      With you cannot to do it :-(



      • Hello Kit Cloudkicker !

        First of all, you need to have the installed Channels app. There you need to choose the user who will be the default author for the channels. After these actions, you can create the channels with the using the simple with the channel name like .

        PS Don't use the rude words and their obvious replacement please.

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        Howdy people. is a collection of . The default order that those items are displayed in is "New   Top   Top Level   Search"

        This means the most recent hashtags will be displayed. What I'd like to do is show the Top items first. Is there a way to change this so that Channels shows Top by default? This way I can find out which hashtags aren't worth keeping.

        I'm hoping I can make it:  "Top   New   Top Level   Search"

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          I'd like to allow a to be owned by or attributed to the person that first used it on my site. By default in Studio -> Channels, "Default author for automatically created channels" was not set. In that configuration, I had to manually create channels/hashtags to show in page/channels-home. Today I set up an Organization so that I could populate the "Default author for automatically created channels" with that Org's name in hopes that that would get the system to start collecting automatically hashtags and adding them to page/channels-home. Is that the correct way to get the system to automatically collect hashtags when people use new ones? Will those new hashtags be attributed to the authors of those new hashtags? 

          Thanks in advance for any info on this mechanism!


          I have a set of tests that show that / work (at least after) assigning a "Default author for automatically created channels," but maybe even before that (untested). The takeaway is: if you're busy manually creating / , then it is possible you are assuming they are not being added to the page automatically; and also it might be required that you create an (alternative account) and then assign it as "default author" in the app. God only knows how it really works because there's really no solid for most of this, but I suggest creating a second catch-all account (an Org), and then assign it as "Default author for automatically created channels" in the app. After that, creating NEW should show up automatically on the page.

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          Added a discussion to , hashtags

          (Not sure if it has been asked before but I have searched here to no avail)

          Currently only 9 is permissible in a post on our site and we are trying to figure out how to increase this number.

          We have checked the Channels settings but could not see any option to change this on there.

          Any lead will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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            Added a discussion to , hashtags

            I read all posts till now about the subject and supporting SEO friendly urls and /username concept a lot cause my web sites structure is based on individual doctors` real identities and medical terminology as keywords.

            For dating sites -which were the majority of the ecosystem in dolphin days- may be it was not preferred to have real identities and user created keywords open to the search engines. But for many other establishments it is needed to be SEO friendly to integrate our sites to internet with the most effective way.

            Many CMS are already using these technics for the articles, blogs...
            Besides in UNA -if I am not wrong- 

            • there is no way to mention meta keywords in posts, I hope are used for this??
            • plus we don't have SEO friendly URLs

              And yes it seems like we can put some little redirection code + htaccesses rewrite  to redirect to /username pages, but what about the module links in user profile? They will continue to have the old type of URLs. İt seems like a holistic approach in UNA is needed for SEO friendly URLS.

              As everybody knows having short URLS and SEO friendly URLs are different things for different needs.

              Look at my blog at blogspot.com it has my name, date, and blog title in the URL.

              A product page from Aliexpress with all the needed keywords included:

              Another from amazon

              And look at google itself:

              ok for short URLS and additionally why not to have such URLs and keywords, what is the reason?

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