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Hi beautiful people,

Is there a way to move an entire from one to another Group?

On my site, I've got a public with Discussions posts in it. The front landing page is basically just a bunch of public discussion posts with a dozen different  

Is there a tool or mechanism to move the entire Category of Discussions from the landing page's general timeline to a Group?

On my site at this point, there are enough Discussion posts in a particular Category to merit that a new Group be created, and all of those Discussion posts be moved to the new Group. Is there a tool that does that?

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    • Hello Witches.Chat !

      If both groups have the one admin / creator then you may just change the target group in the visibility setting. In case with more big number of differences it would better to create a new one in the proper place.

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      Added a discussion to , timeline

      Hello folks!

      Just a question about this on the front page of the UNA site. At the top of the timeline events, in the card that allows you to start a new post, it says "Add new... Discussion  Post  Poll  Update"

      The default here on the UNA site is Discussion.

      On my own site, it says "Add new... Update  Discussion   Post   Poll"

      The default on my site is Update.

      How can I change the order of these items, such that Discussion is the first and default option?

      I don't see it in settings anywhere. Thank you for your help, folks!

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        Added a discussion to , timeline

        The Reaction menu item does not show the title, but the other menu items do. This is the Item Actions menu set. 


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