Customized spanish module

Due to technical issues in UNA development process it's very possible UNA Spanish module (in Apps Market) doesn't work. See

In that situation we will install the Spanish module for you.


1. You  give us read-write access to its PhpMyAdmin UNA instance or alternatively he must export two pre-defined tables. 

2. You give us read-write access to your "web/modules" folder in its UNA file system.

3. You give us access to UNA Studio as operator.

4.  We copy folder and execute scripts to make translation.

5. You test the translation and give us feedback about any suggestion or improvement you consider.


1. You need to do a backup of its UNA instance (folders and database).

2. Every time you add modules or upgrade your version is possible your translations doesn't work, in that case you have to pay a reinstallation service, a payment for each service.

3. If you don't want to give us filesystem/database access we could arrange a video-conference to make the installation with you. 


In next days Spanish module will be available in Apps Market, while it happens you can contact us to make the installation manually, without app market .

Total price with Spanish module is 60 = 30 of module+ 30 installation.

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