Comment to 'UNA Messenger 9.0.13'
  • Hey Alexey - Thank you for this post. I did have one small question. I mentioned a while back about using Jot as my main 'Chat' feature instead of Chat+ - I asked whether Jot would get updated to have the option to create 'Public' channels where members could JOIN the channel and chat without having to be manually added. 

    I believe the only way to have a group chat with multiple members right now is to manually add each one. Is there future plans to have the ability to create 'channels' where members can join themselves?

    • Hello Chris, and in fact, you can do it. If for example you create a custom page on which you add the messenger block, anyone who has access to this page (so you can play on the level of membres), can join the discussion, like the shoutbox. In addition, the chat channel created with the name of the page, will be accessible via messenger for people who have joined via the custom page, which does not prevent you can also add them manually. Is there something missing here?



      • Hello Chris

        Yes, we plan to add something like channels ability and members will be able to join to them without manually adding them to the participants list by talk's vendor. Members will have ability to join to any public Talk. 

        But I can not tell you exact date when it will be released and the all details of this ability.