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Hi Una,

Is it possible to have multiple una website using same una database.

the goal is to sync few module across multiple una website like username and password, points module, credit module.

and keep some modules like market on one website , class and task on another website. 

Let me know if it can be possible or any alternate ways to achieve this.


travis k

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    • Hello travis k !

      You'd better use the UNA connect module in every site. In this case, you may have one core but with the different modules set. It would be much easier than your variant with one DB.

      • LeonidS hi i added this module and now it saying "login with una". how to change name to our website name like " login with xyz.com " so user will know that there is new login option with xyz website credential. 

        if we can have option in module which can auto sync the credentials across website than it will be easier. 


        also, is there any option to sync module like point module to multiple una website. or option to see points earn on another una website. 

        • so, instead of una connect can we have una account module. the way google uses.

          i was wondering if we can host one una script (maybe a free version) just for accounts module which will be called/used by another una scripts. 

          this way we can have centralize account system.

          can any developer comment on this.

          UNA MSolutions AQB Soft 

          • About the proper text on the login button: just change the value of lang key _bx_unacon_auth_title in the Studio->Polyglot area.

            About your second question - yes, it would be better to have a special module for it.

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