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@LeonidS . Would it be possible to move the settings for the navigation menus (more) drop down menu to or somehow be included with the Main Menu settings and not be included in the popup settings? With the (more) menu being part of the main menu it does make a lot of sense to keep the settings for both together.

I have a dark background and white font on my navigation menu and white background with dark font on the popup menus throughout the site because it's much easier to see them. Of coarse that won't work with the navigation drop down (more) settings to be included with popups settings.

I know this is a tall order but I really hope you can make this change.

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    • Hello @John Curtis !

      I guess it would be good to have more screenshots about your idea :-) I have a feeling that I didn't get it properly.

      • @LeonidS . Below is my navigation menu with the (more) links open.The font color for the main menu (more) link is included with the Main Menu settings but the background color is included with the Popup settings. Please move the Main Menu's (more) link background color setting to be included with the Main Menu settings (not the popup settings).

        For the navigation menu I use a dark background color and white font. I would like to use the same for the (more) link in the navigation menu but the settings for the more link background color is in the popup settings. Seems like the more link for the navigation menu should be included with the navigation menu settings not the popup settings because the popup back ground color settings effect the more menus throughout the site..

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