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The Question is how to change this UNA logo. It only displays while an app function is made and is loading a page or request. Maybe @Alex T⚜️ will chime in on this.

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Based on my Server PHP setting I have it set to:

max_file_uploads: 384M

post_max_size: 384M

If I upload a video that is over this limit it just hangs and does nothing. I believe there should be an error prompt that tells the user the file is too large and to upload based on the server PHP settings.

On another note even uploading something close to the setting of 384M that I have in my PHP setting still hangs and I can only upload files significantly smaller. I have triple checked the setting buy still have this issue and can only see the error in my browser console output.

Console: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 413 (Request Entity Too Large)

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So implementing the 2FA with Signal seems a little strange. It works however the end user has to add the + and country code. it would be way better for the Phone number configuration on sign up or in the users Account Settings update be automatically formatted country code as a drop down and Number auto format as (eg. "+1" <-- drop down and Number input "(123)123-1234") This would correct the Issue of end users not formatting the Phone number field correctly for the SMS 2FA with Signal.. Thoughts on this Welcome? @Alex T⚜️ @LeonidS

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On UNA.rc2 all the photo uploads display as 16x9 aspect ratio and distorts the image. How can this be fixed??

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Error: SecurityError: An insecure SockJS connection may not be initiated from a page loaded over HTTPS

Having Jot-Server running on another independent server and having the Server URL for messenger pointing to the server in:

Settings > Messenger > Server URL for messenger

Jot-Server connect for just a few seconds then drops with this Error? Any resolution?

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