About UNA

Although most of us are only aged in our 30's - the team behind UNA are amongst the Grandparents of Social Software - we have been developing  software for building Online Communities since the year 2000. 

UNA is our newest creation, evolved from the Boonex Dolphin Platform and launched in 2016.

With UNA we have developed a platform that is fully functioned ready to meet the needs of Social Web in 2018. The Una Platform is built from the ground up with Responisve UI, it has fully scalable architecture with Remote Storage and offers automatic updates for all apps. UNA is a bulletproof platform that is only restricted by your imagination of what a social network can do.

We work with a core team of 12, software engineers, strategy and support - our team is working remotely from every corner of the globe, available 24/7 to keep to UNA platform (and your projects) online and moving forward. Each member of our team is a digital ninja, highly skilled in the UNA platform and commited to realising the success of your projects.

The team behind UNA are passionate about the Open Web - all of our software is Open Source, licensed under the highly permisive MIT license terms. All of our code is available for review and modification, you own your site, data and the software

 At the core of the UNA project is the principle of radical transparency - we communicate about everything that we do and make ourselves open and available for criticism and feedback. The UNA Platform continues as an evolutionary space, we thrive on an active engaged community - we want to know how you are using this platform and the configurations that you require to realize your dreams. 

We keep the door of our office open at all time, we treat our clients like members of our own team, we develop the platform, you develop the solutions - therefore, your success is imperative to our own success. If you want to know where to find us, it's in all the usual ways, but community conversations in UNA.io are a great way to learn about the platform, and to meet the people who build it and who use it.

With UNA we have built a World Leading Platform for developing Social Community Solutions. We have supported the development of thousands of these projects, but each one is unique, and no-one knows your project like you. We see ourselves as your partners in business, giving you the best possible tools to realise the potential of your social community.

We like to think of ourselves as the good guys, supporting good people (like you) to develop positive contributions to the internet. To that effect we keep our motives transparent and hold ourselves and each other accountable. The mission and values of UNA Inc are outlined in the UNA Team Manifesto. If you want to get a clear sense of how we roll, of what motivates us to do what we do, please take a few moments to read it.

Many of our team have been with us since the beginning, they have worked with the development of the UNA codebase since it's inception in 2012. When you engage with the UNA Project, you are engaging with the innovators and the experts. The people who wrote the code are available to help you develop your site. This means that the results are fast and nearly always right on target.

UNA is a concurrent evolution of the Boonex Dolphin platform. Dolphin is the worlds most popular social networking platform and boasts over 500,000 downloads and a massive community support and apps development. Dolphin however does have structural limitations when adapted for mobile devices and large scale deployments, and the extensions market and dealing with multiple plug-in updates can be confusing.

UNA is a platform where things just work, where you don't have to mess with code and updates happen silently and seamlessly.  With UNA you can spend your time working on the front end, enriching your website and developing your community.

With the UNA platform we also offer impementation services, at very reasonable rates, including development of tailored apps for UNA. 

Do you have an idea for a game changing social media community? Whether it's a small-scale micro community or a world beating solution to take over the world, we can support you to make UNA fullfill your vision.

Join the community, come and talk to us, we would love to meet you.

UNA - Social Media Software Framework