"About" pages, most of the time, are full of dull, monotonous rambling. That's not what you came for, right? You want to have a better feel about who we are, what we do and what are our values as a team. Let's get right into it.

We could be called dinosours of social software. Even though UNA Inc was formed only recently - in 2016, we are also the people behind Boonex (and the Dolphin Pro). In effect, we have been working on some sort of community software since the year 2000. The core team is small (8), plus we some relief and implementation partners. We tried being big, at one point reaching 60, but it wasn't the best time.

Our mission and values are outlined in the UNA Team Manifesto. If you are still reading this, then by all means the the manifesto. We actually re-read it often and use it to guide us through touch decisions. It matters.

If you were wondering why we would start UNA when we already produce the world's most popular social networking platform (Boonex Dolphin), the reason is quite simple - they serve different people. UNA is for idea-people that don't want to mess with code, wade through potentially confising extensions market or deal with multiple software vendors. UNA Apps Market is tightly controlled, platform updates are automatic and core files customisation is discouraged. It's a "just works" solution. On another side of the market spectrum, we also offer implementation services, including development of tailored apps for UNA. In other words, Dolphin is for DIY-ers with technical prowess, while UNA is for anyone with an idea.

Another important feature of UNA project is radical transparency. We tell about everything we do, as openly as possible. With our clients we try to create that magical ONE TEAM spirit, facing the best and the worst together.

If you are interested in building online communities, whatever software you are using, definitely join us. You'll learn a lot about running a social networking site, web-software development and general internet startup challenges. And, if you are still reading, here's a BIG hug!

Thank you!