UNA (United Networking Applications) is a customizable open-source social networking platform. Every component module, tool, template or language is treated as an “app”. Apps control customization of design and navigation; the addition of new features and integration of 3rd-party APIs; site monitoring and configuration; permissions and database structure setup; translation and texts editing.

UNA is the “next-generation” social software platform, developed for enterprise-class clients requiring a custom solution, deep integration with existing infrastructure and extended ongoing support. UNA is a fully responsive system, with mobile and tap-friendly layout, optimised for all screens sizes. 

Multiple Profile Types

UNA uniquely supports multiple profile types for each user account, allowing various community structure arrangement, access permissions and options.

Updates & Extensions

The core system supports automatic version updates that can be disabled in favour of manual/controlled updates. All apps can be updated separately, without affecting the main site functionality. Additional apps, design templates, language translations are available via Apps Market and can be activated gradually, as required.

System Apps

  • Dashboard
  • Settings
  • Storage
  • Designer
  • Pages
  • Forms
  • Polyglot
  • Navigation
  • Permissions
  • Accounts

Core Apps

  • People
  • Orgs
  • Groups
  • Events
  • Posts
  • Discussions
  • Albums
  • Conversations
  • Timeline
  • Notifications
  • Invitations
  • Contact
  • Developer
  • Antispam
  • SMTP Mailer

Premium Apps

  • Market
  • Payments

Technical Specification


  • AJAX notifications system
  • Apps Store: feature extensions with additional modules. 28 modules are available by default.
  • Caching and optimisation for DB queries, pages, page blocks, template files, CSS/JS files (cache engines - File, APC, XCache, Memcached)
  • Categories based on select lists
  • Comments with attachments and replies
  • Forms: configurable via Forums builder
  • Grids:  configurable grids with drag&drop, built-in and custom actions 
  • Informers: site wide and per-page information messages
  • Live time displaying
  • Menus: configurable via Navigation builder, various menu representations are available
  • Meta tags for content pages (automatically generated, images supported)
  • Multilingual: English and Russian languages supported by default
  • Hashtags (inline), location tags (with automatic lookup).
  • Pages: configurable via Pages builder, different pages layouts, custom blocks, pre-defined blocks
  • Paginate: optimised for large scale websites
  • Payments: recurring payments are available with 2co, PayPal, BitPay, Chargebee, Recurly
  • Permalinks
  • Permissions levels (Access Control Lists): predefined levels (guests, unconfirmed, suspended, waiting for approval, standard, premium, moderator, administrator). Visibility for pages, page blocks, menus, form fields
  • Privacy controls
  • Profiles: multiple profiles per account
  • Reporting functionality
  • RSS for different type of content
  • Search: fulltext search with live results
  • Server audit with optimisation suggestions
  • Social sharing: Twitter, Facebook, Google+.
  • Storage engine: local or remote (Amazon S3), statistics and limits per module and per profile, delayed files deletions, quotas
  • Studio: site configuration system 
  • Timeline: content feed for profiles and entire site content
  • Transcoder for images: on-demand resizing, old/unused files pruning, retina screens support, auto-rotating
  • Transcoder for videos: remote video transcoding
  • Upgrade: automatic and safe system and modules upgrade
  • Uploaders: regular, multiple, crop uploader configurable via Forms Builders 
  • Voting/ratings: likes and 5 start voting


  • Account and profiles separation
  • Switching between multiple profiles
  • Follow/subscribe (asymmetric connections)
  • Friends functionality (symmetric connections)


  • CSRF tokens for forms
  • Tracking of changes in any file
  • Secure storage
  • HTMLPurifier integration
  • Prepared SQL statements
  • No "evals" in the code
  • File inclusion check


  • Multiple templates support
  • Design mixes
  • Pages covers
  • Parallax gateway page (site cover)
  • Vector icons (font icons and SVG icons)
  • Retina images (automatic resizing)
  • Responsive layout


  • reCaptcha
  • Antispam module with DNSBL, URI DNSBL, Akismet, StopForumSpam, IP and IP-range blocking/whitelisting, per-country blocking/whitelisting, block log
  • nofollow attribute for any external links