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Is it not possible to have an Outline for all the groups a particular member joined. That is an outline that will display all recent contents from the groups you are a member of.  Serious the group page looks very weak. Having to visit group page only for you to see different groups when you should see the contents of the groups you are following.  Facebook has a thing like that... 
Join the UNA Team - We are Hiring 🤓🛠🚀
We are seeking applications of interest for UNA implementation experts & developers to support our custom development projects at UNA inc. It seems more people than ever are wanting to build their Social Community Website with UNA, and we need support from the right people to help them get the job done. We would love to hear from you if you have any of the following skills; You have a comprehensive understanding of the UNA platform, you've built at least one site from scratch and feel confident in guiding others through the process of doing the same. You aren't necessarily a developer, but you have a thorough understanding of UNA Studio and know how to follow a project through from star
I purchased the Kleo dark template, and was charged for it, but when it returned to the UNA.IO market it said that the transaction verification failed, and I did not receive my item, but my money was taken. Please resolve. There are actually 2 charges, because I wasn't sure of what happened the first time so I did it again, and did not notice until later that I was charged twice. I attempted to communicate my issue with multiple members of UNA, including the developer of the Template, but no one has responded. I chose this platform because I read your 'About Us' page, and figured you would be available to help resolve issues, but it's been nearly 2 days and I have heard nothing from any one.
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You can set your logo in the assets section, the logo is then stored in /assets. When you add them, I mean you manually have to them via your control panel file manager or other host file manager. You add them to the "layout" section. Login Header & Login Footer  The results. you may also find this link useful. https://www.boonex.com/forums/topic/Chat-and-images-logos.htm 
Jitsi and Privacy
As some have noticed, we have Jitsi being tested here on UNA.IO - the feedback is universally positive, it's a great system, using Web RTC protocols to create secure, stable and private P2P connections between browsers. Coming (very) soon to an UNA site near you...This video explores some of privacy concerns with Zoom, and presents Jitsi as a preferred alternative. Being stable, secure and open source made Jitsi a logical choice for integration with UNA.
Currently there is a way to share stuff from my community through Twitter, Facebook, etc.  Alot of apps and other sites allow you to click a "share via" link that people can copy and paste it to others. The issue I have is on the mobile app, it is hard for people to share that content outside of the app as a link. 
The 5 Levels of Remote Work
This is a great post referencing Matt Mullenweg, the man behind the development of Wordpress, on the levels of efficiency within remote work. As a fully remote team, UNA have a lot of experience exploring the possibilities & pitfalls of remote working. I‘d like to think that the UNA Team operate in the upper levels of this paradigm, but certainly there is always Having superb tools & using them intelligently is fundamental to successful outcomes for a remote workforce.  We are steadily building the toolkit for our UNA Workplace Solution, the Wiki was a big one, next comes video conferencing with Jitsi, with a LMS & Task Manager to quickly follow.  Whilst we all hope that the clus
UNA 11 "Altair" Released
8 days ago UNA team pushed the 11 final release, ran updates and published the new package to GitHub. It was almost exactly 7 month between UNA 10 Acrux and UNA 11 Altair, which is a decent improvement over the previous 9 months cycle. Nonetheless, this is a huge update with systems improvements, design refresh, UX/UI enhancements and a few new modules. The new "Wiki" system alone is an epic foray into the world of collaborative editing and structured content organisation - our first big step towards Learning Management. Altair is coming out at the time when the world has to "socially distance" and learn how to be creative, productive and social through the medium of their computers and phon
How to download old Modules for Old UNA Version. Watch the video, ask any question below MSolutions.
I was just sent this great resource on working from home from the team at Groove. I guess lots of you folk are working from home at the moment, more so than usual.  They sent me 47 tips, I've added 7 more, please add your tips in the comments below!Our UNA team are fully remote, and we all work from home (or elsewhere) for ages - we love it, and are super productive as well.I've added a few of my tips based on my experience of working from home here:Mark Purser - COO - UNA.io1. Know your best times. I am super productive in the morning, between 8am - 12pm my mind is focussed and sharp and I can power out lots of detailed admin and creative work. I try and keep my meetings out of this time an
Brian Acton's Story
This story of success will be one more great example of how people should never give up. The story is about Brian Acton, computer engineer and internet enterpreneur from US. In 2009, two big companies (Twitter and Facebook) turned him down for employment, however, after he did not get into Facebook, he was “Looking forward to life’s next adventure”. Guess what happened? Brian Acton created the most popular mobile messaging app in the world – WhatsApp. Brian Acton was born in 1972, in Michigan, USA. He graduated from Stanford University as a computer science student and started his career in 1992. He worked for big companies such as Apple, Yahoo and Adobe. Acton’s mother ran a freight-shippin
Hi, One user created profile withotu entering required fields (name and surname) on Linguria we are on 11 RC1. Can you investigate how this could happen?
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