Calendar of events

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I would love for each of my organizations to be able to connect their calendars to the events module through iCal so they only have to create the event once, yet share it with any site that accepts iCal.  I‘d love to see the events calendar pare down the events by organization, region (through zip code), and group.I welcome any input on how to make these things a reality for my site!Thanks
Points System on UNA.IO

Points System on UNA.IO

As you might have noticed, we have now integrated the new Points Module from AQB Soft into UNA.IO - it's a great piece of software, we are very impressed, it's a potent tool to rev up and reward positive activity on any UNA site.The settings in Points Module can be customised to promote the ideal activity you would like on your site, perhaps for your site it is creating new blogs, making new friends, joining groups or posting photos?We have set it up on UNA.IO in a way that strongly rewards helping others. Ie. you will get rewarded a little bit for asking a question, you will get rewarded a lot for answering a question.So far as reimbursing points, we haven't quite figured that out, the modu
iOS and Android Apps for UNA.IO Released. Test now!

iOS and Android Apps for UNA.IO Released. Test now!

The very first public build of ReactNative apps for UNA is available for testing. These are compiled for UNA.IO website specifically, so you install them and use with your UNA.IO account to test and tell us about any issues you may find or any ideas on improvements that you think would be needed in the nearest future. Please, note that this is the very first version, which we keep as simple as possible. From this stage, we plan to start adding new features and making adjustments regularly. UNA.IO iOS AppDownload and Install______________________________________UNA.IO Android AppDownload and Install______________________________________Both apps will allow you to receive native push

How to Use the Permissions Module in UNA

In many ways the UNA Permissions module provides the governance for your UNA website. The Permissions  determine what a user can see and what they can do within your site. Within UNA the Permissions are fully customisable, you can create your own user levels, and establish what they can do and see within your site.Modify existing user levels.Determine the available actions for each user level.Set the number of actions available within a defined period of time, for each user level.Set what menus are visible based on user level.Define what content is visible based on user levels.Permissions for an entire pagePermissions for each block of content on each page.Chapter 1 - Using Permissions

Points Module from AQB Soft...

Exciting times for many, the long awaited points module from AQB Soft is now available in the UNA Market. It is flexible and comprehensive system to monetize user's activities. In other words, it allows you to reward members with points for their activities. You can guide members' #activity to any part of the site and make them more active in: posting comments, creating posts, voting, sending friends requests, uploading videos, events, etc… Members can also get points levels according to their points balance. 

Language packages - here:German

The last days I translated UNA from english to german language.Not so easy as I thought before... a lot of words and modules with xml-Files to change.I use as help google translator in excel, but every word must controlled. And also the internal keys. Some are translated... not so good.To test every changed version I need to install completely the language module new.Not so easy over UNA Apps but I found the key with my language module in the table sys_modules.I delete the key. And now I can install the Language over UNA App completely new.It's a little trick.In studio the image of my module is very small. I don't know why at the moment.Best regards,Michelleexample see:
Tips for new users of the UNA.IO platform

Tips for new users of the UNA.IO platform

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So, you are a new user, you have just discovered the Una platform and you are asking yourself a lot of questions, which is very natural.Una contains many communication channels such as blogs, feed, messenger, conversation, discussions etc ...How to do and where to ask for helpIt is good to create a new discussion by problem or question, it is very important to respect this rule so that each new user can quickly find an answer to a question that has already been asked, and/or be able to locate quickly a subject already treated.First and foremost, search !It is very likely that the subject has already been addressed. It is important not to discuss existing topics so as not to scatter informati


When using  the "Mass Mailer" app I keep receiving this  error: Body can't be empty and {unsubscribe url} marker must be present.   Does anyone know how to fix this issue.  Thanks in advance.MyLivingBranch
UNA Update - What’s going ON??

UNA Update - What’s going ON??

Things might have seemed a little quiet around here on UNA.IO in recent months, not a lot of new content, nor releases, you could easily think that there hasn’t been much going on. 😴You might be wrong...😉We rarely rest at UNA - we are always got something going on. 🤓🔥⛏💪🏽Since the release on UNA 9.0  the UNA Team have been very busy working on a number of large custom implementations based on UNA Platform. Working closely with clients who have specific needs for their sites - exploring and expanding the scope and capability of UNA.As always many of these developments will filter down into the UNA core in the coming releases, ultimately evolving the capabilities of UNA benefit all users.U

Power Plan - How to Install "Video" APP

I converted my license from Dolphin to UNA,  so I have the Power Plan which  Power Plan includes the following 27 APPS  that you would normally pay for.   Where do  I find  the instructions for installing "Video" module on  my hosting account otherwise I have to paid $100/yr.  Thank  you in advance for your help.

Free Trial Period for Paid Apps

Has UNA considered offering a free trial period on the paid apps so that customers can see how they function and if the app meets their needs?  I don't want to spend a $100 on  an app that doesn't function like  I need it to function.  Having a free  trial period to allow us to test ride  an  app and could produce more  sales and more reviews on apps too.  I can't even make a decision based on  the reviews because there are NONE.My  Living Branch

Change the ABOUT text page

How do i change the ABOUT page text?Thanks
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