The Facebook Dilemma

Over the weekend I just finished watching this insightful exploration into the 'Facebook Dilemma' - It is a fascinating doco put together by PBS Frontline exploring the questions that many of us have asked about Facebook and the misalignment of their ethics.The doco explores the questions that most of us developing social media have to ask at some time - what is being sold, and to whom do we sell it? What level of transparency do I hold with my users? How important is it to make money? What am I prepared to compromise in my quest for cash?I think the biggest challenge within Big Tech is that they actually have three sets of customers - First Customers are the people who use their software, S

Guide de Démarrage UNA

Le guide de Démarrage pour la communauté Francophone de UNA
UNA 9 Final Released

UNA 9 Final Released

Yesterday Alex T⚜️briefly announced the final release of the UNA 9. Indeed, after more than 3 years since of active development and testing; over 3 MILLION code additions in over 4000 commits; 1300 closed issues and 17 😮 pre-release versions, we finally have the stable UNA 9. Compared to UNA 8, this version brings hundreds of enhancements, including new modules, system improvements, new integrations, new templates, new objects, new features, etc. etc. Since we decided to make all RCs upgradable the UNA 9 has been tested quite actively by the UNA.IO community and used in production mode for all our clients working with UNA & Boonex team under X-level service plans. It is now con

First Element SEO

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Web CHat

Web CHat

A web chat is a system that allows users to communicate in real time using easily accessible web interfaces. It is a type of Internet online chat distinguished by its simplicity and accessibility to users who do not wish to take the time to install and learn to use specialized chat software.[1] This trait allows users instantaneous access and only a web browser is required to chat. Users will always get the latest version of a chat service because no software installation or updates are required.

React Jot Preview

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UnaFrench Translations

UnaFrench TranslationsWe have been working for several months to offer UNA in several languagesToday we have finished some translations that you can now find on the market.Translations available : Being translated: German, Polish, Romanian, Swedish, Hebrew and maybe Arabic later.You can test these translations on the demo site You are Francophone. The purpose of the website is to provide information on all activities. Online recently will evolve quickly.  If you have purchased a tier module, we can do the translation for you. Feel free to register on 
UNA RC12 is released - the good ship UNA is now ready to sail you towards your dreams…

UNA RC12 is released - the good ship UNA is now ready to sail you towards your dreams…

As many have witnessed, the UNA platform has grown exponentially over the last 6 months - rapid development and release of new features has kept us all scrambling to keep up with the action and potential of UNA. What we have now realised is a Community Management System with an incredible set of features straight available straight out of the box - and the potential to be configured into just about anything.With UNA RC12 we are almost at the end of the line of our Release Candidates (RCs) and the UNA 9.0 version release is just around the corner. We are busy polishing UNA 9.0 to perfection - and have a whole lot more exciting additions planned for UNA 10 (but more of that later...)You can re

UnaFrench presents Demonstration site

Unafrench, in the coming days will make you available in the market, the translation of UNA in several languages. We wanted to simulate a demonstration site by integrating the translations.This site will of course evolve with the next updates.Already present French, Spanish and Portuguese. to follow German, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Swedish, Hebrew and maybe Arabic.Translations will be offered individually or in a language is the link of the demonstration site : click on logo


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UNA RC11  Lots of bug fixes, plus a few cool enhancements, the angels 😇  are in the details...

UNA RC11 Lots of bug fixes, plus a few cool enhancements, the angels 😇 are in the details...

The UNA-verse has been rapidly expanding in recent months - with many new modules added, this created multiple issues that the team have devoted maximum time to ironing out.RC11 has been released and contains lots of fixes of issues that presented in RC10. RC10 was feature rich, with a lot of those new features still filtering in, the team have devoted maximum time to ensuring that all the ensuing bugs were sorted out. With RC11 smoothing out the operations of UNA - the advent of UNA 10 seems ever closer.With that said - whilst there were not any major new modules added, there were a few new tweaks that are worth a look; Analytics Module - Export Reports via CSV - simple but vital,
Google closes Google+ social network after discovering a vulnerability

Google closes Google+ social network after discovering a vulnerability

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Personal data of half a million accounts have been exposed, according to the American firm.Google has decided to close its Google+ social network for individuals. The reason ? The US firm announced Monday, October 8, to have discovered a flaw in this network having exposed personal data of half a million accounts. Following this flaw, and having found a great inactivity of the users, the giant of the internet has decided to close for individuals this social network which is automatically registered people with a gmail address.The name of the owners of 500,000 accounts, their email address, their profession, their gender and their age are the main data that has been exposed, ensures Google on
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