Zarconia website down?

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I've been trying to sign in to Zarconia to pay my subscription, but cannot get past:Error              522              Ray ID: 529674f20b3882ad • 2019-10-21 21:52:38 UTC                        Connection timed outWhazzup guys?!?

Giphy integration

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  •  · Alexey
We just have released new update 10.0.3 for Messenger.It contains several bug fixes to improve send message function and design issues.New ability - Giphy integration. Now you can send GIFs and Stickers with special settings for content via messenger.

Customized module Done

Call Module - twilio integrate to Modzzz points *  We can also work with it in UNA integrated to AQB pointsWhat we doOffers module | Custom Build features that will make your site more effective, professional & user friendly. Message is the key.Skype at   Expertzkris    |  @                  

Tips for new users of the UNA.IO platform

There are lots of new users here on UNA.IO - which is AWESOME.There are no such things as stupid questions, but there are certainly optimum techniques for getting the best results from this site, and valuing the time for all users.  I thought it timely to re-share this post from Baloo as a field guide for new users of this site.

UNA Mobile Apps - Rebranding under Mac OSX

#mobileapps #mobile #xcode #mac #compile #ios #android #rebranding

UNA Mobile Apps - Compile iOS App From Scratch under Mac OSX

#mobileapps #mobile #xcode #mac #compile #ios
How to Monetize your UNA Website

How to Monetize your UNA Website

One of the (many) wonderful things of my job, is that I am constantly communicating with Social Media Entrepreneurs (you guys!) -  discussing strategy and vision for creating the Next Big Social Start-Up. 🚀It is often interesting in my conversation with fellow UNA-Preneurs - many of whom are intrepid business builders ⚒ - developing communities upon the UNA Community Management System, how quickly the conversation and focus turns from Community Development to Monetisation.🤑Don't get me wrong, I love money, monetization of any business is a paramount function that should not be ignored. However, I often find myself steering the conversation back towards community development and expansio

UNA 10.1 Released

UNA 10.1 is a minor feature update, which includes some enhancements and over 30 bug-fixes. We are working on making UNA faster, cleaner and more stable. System enhancements:Minor design improvements #2349Switch language in Studio #2244Admin can now delete comments with replies #2126Modules enhancements:Channels: page with top-level labels #2355Forum: standard layout for replies #2352Forum: "quote" functionality #2279Downloads:Go to UNA 10.1 release page to download this version for both stable and beta channels  -, note that you don't need to download patch files, to update go to your UNA Studio > D
Help Modzzz to recover from Hurricane Dorian

Help Modzzz to recover from Hurricane Dorian

Modzzz is one of the most experienced and respected developers, known for his top class Dolphin modules and modifications, and now working on UNA apps as well. He lives in the Bahamas, which recently went through severe devastation by Hurricane Dorian. Modzzz and his family suffered significant losses. We call for this community to chip-in and help, if you can, by sending donations via PayPal to As a community we all work together, perusing both individual and common goals. Some of us are particularly committed, brining consistent contributions by way of testing, sharing ideas, developing new components, providing services and answering questions. Modzzz

The ability to let members know if staff has entered a topic or so on

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Hello Everybody MyZoid Here. You may all be thinking how can i better make staff presence known between discussion,posts and any other message so on & so on also you may have noticed that Alex T⚜️ << has this symbol next to his name well its easier than one may think.if you go to this website  or this website  you can do the same thing to add to staff accounts this helps members know when staff is in a topic post or sending a message but you will need to set guide lines within your terms of use/privacy policy about impersonating staff with the staff icon and saying there staff. there should be a way to make your own image that can be co

Push notifications

Could someone explain to me exactly what PUSH notifications are?Thanks in advance

Would the Internet Be Healthier Without 'Like' Counts?

This is an interesting article worth a quick read.I think it's a good move to make the likes and repost amounts an option for the site administrator to be able to turn them on or off. I have a younger demographic and I don't think it is needed on my site.Increased engagement is good for business, and the impulse to check the score is an easy way to keep users coming back. As Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey put it at last year’s WIRED25 conference: “Right now we have a big Like button with a heart on it and we’re incentivizing people to want it to go up,” and to get more followers.But these tactics are attracting increased scrutiny, about their impact on the health of the internet and on society at l
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