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Smtp mailer with gmail

 I'm trying to set up both my Dolphin and UNA sites to use gmail.I tried to connect using,  SMTP server name: on port 465 and used my gmail user name and password in place of SMTP user name and password but it's not working.Can anyone help me with the correct way to set this up?  Do I also need to set up anything in my gmail account?
UNA.IO Acceptable Use Policy

UNA.IO Acceptable Use Policy

Our goal for the UNA.IO community is to provide a professional platform for discussion, collaboration and customer support related to UNA platform as well as social media software in general. We have just updated our Terms of use, adding the UNA.IO Acceptable Use Policy section, which outlines general etiquette for using this community website. Please, note that from now on we will be strictly enforcing the new clauses, removing any violating content and potentially suspending accounts that breach the rules. All new regulations are designed to keep the team and the community focused, efficient and peaceful. While UNA.IO technically looks like a "social" network, it is primarily a profes

Ajax Search

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I don't seem to get how to make my search forms do a real-time ajax search as the user is typing.Anybody know how?Pls help. Am stuck


We had 1st of June as the due date for UNA 10, but it had to be moved to 15th of June (for the first upgradable Beta). Here's what's going on and why we had to delay the update:1. In the last few weeks, we got a number of scale-related reports which we decided to address as a priority. Some issues in newer modules show up only when sites reach certain activity level, sometimes in circumstances that are nearly impossible for us to simulate. For example, sending tens of thousands of push notifications when a popular member makes an update or timeline load for a site with over 1000 online users for active followers that follow thousands of posting members (while still running off a single hosti

CrossFit dumps Facebook, falls in love with UNA?

I found this on my feeds this morning, global fitness powerhouse CrossFit ditches Facebook due the the belligerent deletion of one of their Facebook groups with 1.6 million users (ouch..) Imagine building a community of 1.6 million users and then having it deleted without reason or warning...? As my friends at are fond of saying - you should never build your  castle on someone else's soil. A bold move from the fierce folks at CrossFit (also deleting Insta) -  a big statement to to Social Media monopolies that their monopolies are due to crumble.Anyways I just sent a letter to the CEO at CrossFit - will keep you posted with their reponse ;)

Product Support & Refund

SUPPORTPlease send an email to our mail box to get support from us.Support time: Monday - Friday, 10AM - 6PM, GMT+7Our supporter shall respond within one working day.Each product has ONE month of support after purchase date.REFUND POLICYRefunds will be happily proceeded if all the following items are met:Product has not been purchased with any Promotion applied, including bulk purchase or Package Pricing.We are given chance to install and resolve the problem with the required ftp and admin access credentials.Major functions of the product do not work well.Refund is requested within 3 business days after purchasing.Installation Service and Customization Service are not refundable in any case.

We're taking steps toward success

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I recently presented my UNA site at the State Convention to demonstrate what our group has invested in and how it could be used at the state level. The state board was very impressed! We had several groups enthusiastically embrace the site, and express their eagerness to invite their entire group to join our site. I believe I will be able to afford to create a fully functional site thanks to the support I received at the convention.I wanted to share this news with the community, and to thank the developers for creating such an impressive and flexible software program! With UNA, I have been able to create something that's changed the way my group thinks about marketing and outreach. We're goi

UNA Messenger 9.0.13

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Hello!We have released an update for the Messenger module and now the latest version is 9.0.13.Below you may see the list of the changes:1) All the media file types are supported in messenger history (video, sound, image type).  If you upload a sound file and it supports with your browser (mp3 for example), then talk's participants can playback it immediately without transcoding.2) Files slideout panel allows to view or download all files attached to the talk. This panel also will be used for other abilities in future versions. 3) Add support for browser's storage. Now if you write a message and want to open another talk or close the chat window, it is possible witho

Next release (9.1) renamed to UNA 10.

The next update is far too big for a "Minor", so we decided to rename it to UNA 10. It may well be even more significant than UNA 9 was, so it's only fair to designate it as a Major update.What to expect in UNA 10Over 150 improvements and fixes will be included with the core and modules with significant improvements in performance, media management, default configuration, UX/UI and functionality in general. Some of the most notable additions include:iOS, Android, Win and MacOS native apps to your UNA site, connected via "Nexus" UNA App.Delayed video publishing.Optimised Timeline/Feeds.JOT.Studio and templates design updates.Direct media-attachments for Posts and Discussions (photo, video, fi

Release Schedule

Starting from UNA 10 we adopt a definitive update release schedule, which is designed to provide a better idea for when to expect future releases and to maintain a predictable release cycle. All updates will be classified as Major, Minor or Service, with the following timing:1. Included updates may be adjusted at any stage to meet the deadline.2. Show-stoppers and security fixes can be added at any stage and released outside of the schedule.3. The final deadline is not movable. 4. If some planned features are not ready before the deadline they are moved over to future updates. 5. If known bugs are not fixed before the deadline, associated features are rolled back or follow-up

error BxDolLanguages.php on line 179

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