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UNA 13 Alpha 1 and Alpha 2
UNA 13 Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 now available for download with hundreds of fixes and improvements. Please, note that this is NOT A PRODUCTION-READY release and it recommended for testing and pre-production sites only. If you choose to use it, switch to Beta-channel in UNA Studio and both updates will become available automatically.We decided to release early builds now to keep UNA community informed and to allow time for developers to update/adapt their modules. UNA 13 and UNA 14 updates are planned to become two parts of a year-long UX-overhaul mission. We decided to go through every module, page, setting, language key... and revamp user-experience. The recent switch to TailwindCSS for styling
Who doesn't love a good whistleblower? Especially when they are spilling the dirt on our mates at Facebook. It is concerning stuff, Haugen’s document dump revealed what many suspected but couldn’t prove: that Facebook created more lenient secret rules for elite users, that Instagram made body issues worse for one in three teen girls, and that Facebook knowingly amped up outrage on its main site through an algorithm change in 2018, potentially leading to the January 6 storming of the US Capitol building. Her suggestion is greater transparency, with external observers and more investment toward internal guidance, looking to minimise harm as a highest priority. 
UNA Website on CNN
Here is a news story with an UNA website being mentioned on CNN this morning. It's not the best news for the owners of the website, lots of Australian expats stranded overseas because the Australian government won't let them come home - but it is great to see UNA being used to facilitate giving these people a voice in this difficult time.
UNA 12 "Antares" Released
Antares is a giant star, and UNA 12 is a massive update. It may well be the last feature release with so many changes, as we are looking to transition to shorter cycles with more focus on improving existing functionality. What's new in UNA 12 "Antares" *compared to UNA 11 AltairCoursesA learning-oriented context-type module that can be used to build a knowledge-based community. Members create free or paid courses with start/end time, mixed content and invitation lists. Courses can operate like groups and include multiple content type items and feeds.ClassesA content-type module that compliments Courses, allowing Course admins to create and manage educational content. Courses are grouped into
UNA 12.0.0-B1 (Antares) Released
So much happened in 2020. While there were not many blockbuster movies made, it seems that news and reality of life provided enough drama and entertainment to make up for it many times over. Global pandemic, global panic, global reshaping of the society - whatever you choose to call it - the world has changed, or at least started to change. We are community software developers. Wo create tools that power independent social networks and provide configuration services for startups with multi-user apps ideas. To us 2020 was the year that amplified the gravity of our mission to the point when it's no longer about building a financially successful business or having a good time coding together -
UNA 11.0.4 Released
UNA 11.0.4 is released in the production channel. This is a service update covering 87 bugfixes and minor improvements. As usual, all sites configured to production update channel and with auto-updates enabled will update automatically. This update is considered stable and recommended for all sites powered by UNA.  But what about UNA 12?UNA 12 development is now complete and we begin packages preparation tomorrow. This process usually takes 3-5 days, so we should fit somewhere between Christmas and NYE. The reason why we release 11.0.4 now is that UNA 12 will be in beta-channel for at least a few more weeks, so any sites that use production-channel only will benefit from a service update now
Mind your Notifications People!
Something to consider as your sites grow bigger & get busier, is monitoring the number of notifications that your site is sending to users. This is not a 'set and forget' feature, it is important for site operators to continually monitor all defalut site communications to ensure that we are striking that happy medium between engagement & overwhelm.Too few notifications: users aren't aware of or engaged in your community.Too many notifications: users become overwhelmed, will black list your site or unsubscribe to all notifications.Within UNA it's easy for users to manage their own notifications, but your new & casual users might not know that. And in the early days, it's really im
The Social Dilemma
This is really the film of our time. (The time being NOW).  If you scratch at the surface of any issues within the social fabric of today's society, the big tech & social media companies have a huge part to play in it, a complicit finger in every crisis.This documentary takes a stark view of the current situation, with many Silicon Valley players sharing some cold truths on the modus operandi of Big Tech. I watched it last night, at the recommendation of a few friends, it's a huge wake up call, I'd recommend you watch it if you can.As most of us here using UNA are in some way responding to this monopolisation of playing field and wilful corruption of the social fabric by these players -
Hi,I am testing UNA on NGINX and have a problem loading some images, here is my config file for mywebsite. Please can someone help me correct this config to show images?server {     listen         80;     listen         443 ssl;     # add Strict-Transport-Security to prevent man in the middle attacks     add_header Strict-Transport-Security "max-age=31536000";     server_name    mywebsite.com;     root           /var/www/mywebsite;     index          index.php;     location ~* \.php$ {     fastcgi_pass unix:/run/php/php7.2-fpm.sock;     include fastcgi_params;     fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME     $document_root$fastcgi_script_name;     fastcgi_param SCRIPT_NAME        $fastcgi_script_name;
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UNA 11.0.3 Released
Service update - UNA 11.0.3 - released today with 73 minor enhancements and bug fixes. This update is considered stable and recommended for all UNA-powered websites. If you have "automatic updates" enabled in Studio the new version will install automatically.The next feature-release - UNA 12 is still in active development. 
A Virtual library with UNA ADS module for free textbooks for medical students
As a doctor for years I moved my medical books around. Some of them expired in dust, some other like atlases are always upto date (humans are not evoluted that fast :) )Lately while I was moving back to my country from a 7 years work abroad, I couldnt bring back all the books. At that moment I thought some medical students needs these books, why I dont give them to students.With this idea, now we created a Virtual Medical Text Books Lİbrary in our UNA based doctors portal. And I want to share it with UNA community to demonstrate different things with UNA.Doctors are registering books on their libraries to our virtual library, putting some photos and a short explanationMedical students are se
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Hello!New update 11.0.4 for Messenger.It contains ability to block members by membership level even if they are still participants or have access to the page with messenger's block. Corrections for files uploader and several other small improvements.
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