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  • You can have the illusion that it exists??? Oh~ maybe I have...

    You think this is "Mission: Impossible"... maybe BOONEX is thinking about the same thing... this is "Mission: Impossible" !?

    Please guess what kind of PHP system is used on this website? and what template(style) is used on this website?


    www . bnw . com . tw / conference / index.php


    I know... You don't want to know. and you don't want to take the time to guessing...

    In fact, this site is using phpBB 3.1 forum system and the template of Joomla designed by yootheme. About 10 years ago, around 2008.

    I didn't change all the phpBB pages, so some pages will see the official style of phpBB, for example...


    www . bnw . com . tw / conference / ucp.php?mode=login


    so, this is just a difficult job, but not a "Mission: Impossible" task. If BoonEx don't want to do it, I'll do it again!

    We need is a Dolphin and WordPress or Joomla bridge...

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