Comment to 'Freichat'
Comment to Freichat
  • Yes, AndrewP let his site go and of course the internet hos took it over.  I was sad to see AndrewP go as he was top notch; despite the history of him with Boonex which I think was undue if the story I heard is correct.

    This does look nice; it looks to be similar to CometChat but with better pricing.  You have a P-P chat; sort of like JOT but better, as well as having chat rooms.  I need to look into this.  I was using CometChat on a Dolphin site and it came with a Dolphin plugin to bring in members' name and avatar.  However, CometChat started getting greedy etc.  I haven't updated the CometChat on the Dolphin site in a few years.

    If I have time, I will look into this but if someone else takes it that is fine as well since the OP wants the connector as soon as he can get it.

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