Comment to 'Magic'
Comment to Magic
  • I had over 35,000 members on my Dolphin site and I think the difference I'm seeing is more development for niche sites on UNA where Dolphin had more development for social sites. When I had UNA in mind for the switch I was really hoping to see Dolphin but in mobile viewing. I'm not trying to trash talk UNA. UNA is mobile but it's development is done on PC without the beautification of mobile viewing thus we see outdated fonts, outdated looking icons, no way for users to be able to switch colors of text, or backgrounds for their profiles. It's mostly lacking content that keeps users on the site. When people go on Mobile they want user engagement. They want something NEW that isn't offered on any of the top social media sites. Dolphin at one point was on top of their game. Chat Roulette, users could switch backgrounds, fonts, font colors. This has all been scrapped, all the unique features that Dolphin had is gone. We need to emphasize on stuff that people use mobile phones for. Music, videos, pictures, chat, video chat, games, animated icons and backgrounds....even simple functions involving swiping, pressing buttons, the viewing needs to be engaging...need more stuff like Photo Carousel by AQB Soft...stuff that just LOOKS good! The designing in UNA is lacking and that too is what keeps users interested. 

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    • Exactly it is content that fuels member numbers. U N A, a beautiful platform, where it is a lot easier and user friendly, but... Without content that keeps and fuels members active and online stability, you have a failing site. It almost feels backwards in content. You cant design a platform and call it better, if it does not first carry its previous features and content, but then add to it in future ventures and content availability. I like a lot of the features already available here. But my members don'y see that side of things. Content, content content is 100% needs for them. MAny have said that they already belong to social sites that already have such content and intrigue to keep them there.

      There are already thousands of sites that offer Photo, video and file sharing, we need more...

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