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  • To do it well there are two important steps that I mention here to complete Chris's information. To do so, go to "my account".

    image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=2519&dpx=1&t=15745489961. Is about security, you need to validate your domain name AND your sending email addresses. If you do not do this, you will receive a notification that an unvalidated email address is trying to send email.


    2. Not required but recommended.

    To improve your sender reputation and deliverability, we strongly recommend that you set up a few DNS records.
    This will allow us to sign outgoing email using DKIM and DomainKeys, and will inform your contacts' email providers that we are allowed to send your emails


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    • I'm already using Mailjet but I get an Error message when trying to set up SPF and DKIM in Google Domains (my domain host). Β Please help.Β 

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      • What is the error? I know that sometimes it can take a while to verify the changes you made based of your domain's TTL settings. So even thought you did the right then, it make take a while to get verified.

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        • Thanks, I guess I'll have to wait 48 hours to check again. The error from Mailjet before I did the last changes was "We detected that your domain has an existing SPF record but it does not allow us yet."

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