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  • Hey Mergedia - This tutorial was intended for those who have their own Dedicated/VPS server with direct access to the server's configuration via Plesk, cPanel, etc. This is to help email notifications from going to spam or getting blocked by email providers. 

    Going by your screenshot, I see you are using a Yahoo email address and not an email address such as If you are on a cloud hosting, you do not have the ability to create an email address like since that is also configured on the server side and you would need to have direct access to your server as mentioned above. 

    Also being on cloud hosting, you really do not have any control of how emails are getting delivered. In this case, there are 2 parties involved in getting your emails delivered. 1 - your host and 2 - Yahoo. I have never tried to setup any type of personal email addresses with MailJet so, I am not sure if using this will help you at all. 

    In the other topic, you mentioned cloud hosting so, did you purchase that from here at UNA? If so, they can help you with any of the cron jobs, etc. You can see if your cron jobs are working by going into the Studio > Dashboard > click the drop down arrow next to Host Tools and do a Server Audit. Scroll down to the Site Setup area and you will see the cron job command there and the last execution time. Hopefully that last execution will be a recent time. If you need additional assistance, you will need to contact UNA support directly. 

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    • Hi Chris and Jeremy Crisp thanks so much for your help!

      Yes I bought Una's cloud hosting so I don't have my own server.

      I did verify my emails and the mailjet solution still isn't working for me.

      I did as you said and found the cron jobs in the dashboard (I am not a coder so all this is very hard for me)

      it says 

      Cron jobs  - 

      no crontab for www-data

      so apparently I need to contact support! I did so already for another issue and I have an upcoming call with I think, Matt

      I did not know how to set up cron jobs and i did not do so.

      is there a step by step guide to all the set up operations needed and how to do them, to make the site work?  

      Should I now try to delete the SMTP module since I am in UNA's cloud hosting? I don't know how to delete modules lol.



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      • Apologies I think i see it here, just been swimming in the site and I dont know how to swim... I contacted support and will go through this piece by piece :)

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