Comment to 'How can I show the photos of the latest members without any text at all'
  • Hello EducatedSingles !

    The simplest way is hide this info of the members set in the necessary box. First of all, you need to know the ID of this block. For example, on the page with this block, right-click on the page and in the appeared menu choose "View source" (for Chrome browser it may be called by Ctrl+U). Then in this code find the words "New people". Above the found result need to find the closest block ID, it will have the beginning like:

    id="bx-page-block-[some number]

    like bx-page-block-16

    This is our identification.

    Then need to add the following CSS code to your Studio->[Your template]->Styles->Custom Styles area:

    -page-block-16.bx-base-pofile-unit-title {

    display: none;


    -page-block-16.bx-base-pofile-unit-info  {

    display: none;


    Save it and then clear all your caches via Dashboard.

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