Comment to 'Site Dead after upgrade to UNA 11 - Help please'
  • UNA is a great platform when it works. When you have a tech issue there is no help. 

    Have you followed Alex's advice above re Key & Secret? If you have UNA Pro or Cloud Plan, please email and we can check your site directly.

    Like I said UNA support is no existent if you do not have their plans. We simply rolled back a back-up. 

    I am sure we have a work around for the issue and will test it again tomorrow. 

    That’s not really true. We offer support to all UNA users via this forum. You have had 2 different UNA staff members respond to this question over the course of today, it is unusual to find any reasonable questions unanswered in this forum.

    For users requiring a higher level of support we offer commitments via our UNA Pro & Business plans. The development of the UNA Platform & support has a cost to our business, I think it is not unreasonable that we make a charge for the service. Without some income, how is it possible for a business to continue? 

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