Comment to 'How Is Location Map Module Installed'
  • Most likely the Map block is not active on your site. Go to [studio -> pages -> persons -> view profile] and activate the corresponding Location block (there are usually two of them - one for text and one for map)

    Well I have seen where the issue is. Person has 2 boxes for location while Organizations has one.

    However, I am not using the picker for Persons but only for Organizations and I discovered only box for Org has code with "entity_location" 

    I have changed it to "location_map" following the format in "Person Module" so it's now displaying.

    Last thing is that it cannot be zoomed enough to display towns. It's only showing big cities.

    How do I make it to show smaller towns?

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    • [studio -> location picker -> Map's max zoom allowed] setting.

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