Comment to 'Mandatory Location Field (profiles)'
  • Hello Leonid. In fact in my case, dating site, the location is really a crucial point, that's why I must absolutely make it mandatory and accurate because the research is essentially done on this point.

    So I will say that the Google API has some negatives for me

    1. Lack of precision of the research, Belgium is a small country composed of 11 provinces, Google does not locate unfortunately by provinces, but by regions.
    2. Can not make field mandatory.
    3. Limited number of queries per day, often on my site dolphin the "ZIP Search" module stops working because I have exceeded the number of queries every day.
    4. Addiction to google for a crucial point ... I do not like it.

    In addition, if for now my UNA site is currently in demonstration, I do not despair to migrate my site doplhin one day ...

    So, explain to me how I'm going to migrate my 16,000 dolphin accounts -> Una with a (hypotetical?) Migration script if the fields are text type on one side and google API on the other.

    So that's why, I wondered if it was not possible to include the traditional fields "Country", "City" zipcode "as they exist in Dolphin.

    It's not hard to do for you, and, I repeat, with standard fields, it would also open up possibilities for future third-party modules.

    Especially since you have already included the field "country" ... Do you understand my point of view better?

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