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  • You are welcome. Auto generated invoice is a bill which is sent to a seller and he can pay it anytime.

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    • Thank you, Anton L,That could be an issue, if people do not pay the commissions, and legal stuff to worry about. Is there any plans to improve this in the future to auto bill the commission at least and then we can give the seller a disclaimer. Maybe the ability to atleast set it to auto pull a certain amount of time after. I personally will be utilizing Msolution's modules, gigs and fans only, So these are more at the time of service transactions. I could see people just pulling their product etc and ignoring the invoices. I am guessing this is why Stripe was recommended. I do not think you can do this with Paypal. I do like the invoice system because it gives the customers time and trust, but I see it being able to be abused as well. To combat this I could just charge for credits and forget commissions, but there is no good system in place for sellers to withdraw. From what I see on posts, we get an email, we message the customer, and no where does it say how to send money and take credits away from the seller after. Obviously I could send the money direct through my business Paypal, but how would I remove the credits from the credits holder after? So many steps if a site were to grow. 

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