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  • Hello Leonid, 

    The problem was my fault; I forgot to switch the Stripe payment app to Test when inputting the test keys. Now, the checkout proceeds, the button turns green, and then it just sits there and does nothing else. It doesn't show a transaction completed page, doesn't upgrade the member's member from Standard to paid and doesn't show what to do next. 

    Forgive me if I know nothing about using Stripe and testing its payment system. I am sure that I am missing some small yet important detail. 

    Is the test purchase supposed to go completely through all actions (show successful payment, upgrade the test account to paid, thank you screen, etc) or just show that the checkout portion works? 

    Thank you, 


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    • Hello Kris... I used the test card, have UNA Stripe app in test mode with test keys, I have a product with the same product ID and price on the Stripe side but nothing happens after the purchase button turns green and the checkout window disappears. Also, it still says I "need to update Stripe Checkout" app, which is something I can't do. It's built into UNA so it's an core update thing, correct? 

      Thank you for the assistance. 😁

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      • We are all on the same mission (running UNA CMS stable and smoothly), with different pre-conditions (our different server settings), but with the help of the same supporting team. Btw, are you self-hosting?

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        • Okay, that is understandable. I can see how some things just won't work correctly for everyone. I am on an UNA hosting subscription. My site runs like clockwork 100% of the time. I have had issues with apps I purchased, but the problems, bugs or adjustments have been quickly corrected, fixed or made. Getting a stable and reliable payment partner up and running is my biggest and most important concern. Without it, I can't make money with my site and members can't make money being on my site. 

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