Comment to 'Nearby People'
Comment to Nearby People
  • Great Mod, thx! Makes fun and my couple of test-users like it!

    But, How can a user change the permission of beeing geolocated? In my case I have a test-user who first denied to be geolocated on the map. Now this user wants to take part and allow geolocation. But this user has no possibility to change this permission by himself. He gets the answer "You have denied the request of geolocation". 

    SO: Where can a user change this permission?


    • tested on chrome, FF, safari
    • Hosted by UNA pro package (NO access to cloud/server/files)
    • server cache cleared
    • user browser cach++ cleared
    • nearby settings:
      • site members only
      • while they are on the map page only
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    • You need to allow you website to access your location from your web browser. If you are using android device you should also turn on your gps.

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      • As Publicapp already mentioned above, a user can change this setting anytime by altering a site's permissions, which depends on a browser used but in most cases it is the icon menu (on the left of site's address in browser's address bar).

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