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    In this Mix "Xenon" for Protean template....

    Member menu is not working correctly in browsers, Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Explorer. Working fine in Fire Fox.   (See attached snippet)

    Also Fire Fox is not showing changes made to Xenon theme in Studio > Protean > Styles > Body such as page width, links colors/hover colors. Cache was cleared in studio and browsers but still no changes seen in fire fox.  I am seeing changes in all other browsers.

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    • Hello, John Curtis!

      Mix "Xenon" is built on full screen (100%). You have changed the page width ... this is the problem! If you want a different page width ... then change the html files (_sub_header, menu_account_popup, search). 

      To be absolutely sure about the changes ... we will delete and add again our mixs.

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      • okay, thanks for the fast reply. i changed the "body > page width" back to 100% and all is working well again.

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        • Happy to help!

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