Comment to 'UNA is currently developing a number of pre-configured 'solutions' built on UNA Platform. Each solution would be a pre-configured turn key solution that would enable new users to get going straight away. Ultimately each 'solution' would still be configurable via Studio as per an UNA site. We plan to roll out all of these solutions over the coming 12 months - but we are interested to know what would be your preference - which ones do you want to see the most? Which ones should we consider doing first?'
  • Thank you for the ideas and thoughts, we can't comment it yet since we haven't reseach any of these options, I've added it to the ticked for the future:

    So we'll consider them when we'll implement learning features.

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    • Mars??? Woah!
      I'll sit back and wait for this one to happen. Then I'll come up with a surprise.

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      • Hi Mark and Alex T. Thanks both a lot for your replies, and the future ticket : ) Moodle and Facebook together sounds excellent idea to me!  Lastly, here is just a minor addition - H5P is a php based Open Source plugin (e.g. Moodle) that uses xAPI.

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