Comment to 'UNA 10 ETA'
Comment to UNA 10 ETA
  • I totally understand the troubles that comes with building an OSS that's universally usable but I feel it will be more or less stressful if you just create modules that integrates all those functionalities instead of making UNA10 an all in one Open source software. 

    WordPress is always an empty software after installation but users have the option of building whatever website they want by installing templates and plugins. That would have made things less and less stressful if UNA did that. 

    I'm not condemning this development, I mean it's great that you guys are able to come up with a software like this but it's a lot of work for the developers and less to nothing work for the users.

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    • That's pretty much what we do - shipping a simple "shell", and you can add UNA Apps - modules, templates, languages, etc. The difference with Wordpress is that we also develop a lot of the main modules ourselves.

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      • Yes, that's a strong and remarkable point.

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