Comment to 'How Coronavisus (or any virus for that matter) may affect UNA community.'
  • Lots of inconsistencies in this virus case and I see that everywhere we feed this paranoia. Each crisis needs a name, the previous one was the Subprime crisis, this one will be the Coronavirus crisis. I think that we will live difficult times, not because of the virus, it is only a revealer, the detonator of an economic bomb which is present for a long time. Central banks have long used up their ammunition to save what is not salvageable. I wonder to what extent this story is not the ideal pretext for openly assuming the bankruptcy of a breathless system, undermined by almost almost generalized corruption. We will see what follows, but in my opinion, it will be complicated. But the people who are here do not let themselves be put down quickly, we are fighters, I believe that whatever happens, we all hope to go towards a better world and we need a more serene future. So let's go!

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