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Angeleve McBeck
Monkey Cock - Get Some!

In case you let your head wind up in the twisted sickness sewer wondering what the hell is meant by Monkey Cock? Just think 2 and think Chinese. One of the two is just prior to and the other is just after... Otherwise it would have been Cock Cock or Monkey Monkey..

Monkey Cock is so much funner though and is way funny when I tell someone how hot my cock is and how I love to hold my cock and rub my cock.. We have had neighbor dudes almost take off running away from us thinking the most out there things about us and what they think we are wanting to do to them lmao..

We've also had a girl who wanted to see and feel how sexy and soft my cock was - like right there and then lol.. We had to tell her what we really meant quickly to avoid a very add situation when her man came back in the room hardly a minute after she came right over and got ready to see and touch my physically attached cock instead of my emotionally spiritually attached cock... Her man just wouldn't have thought that was OK I am sure lol..

I hope you figured out what I am saying by now... If not, go out and treat yourself to a Chinese dinner or lunch inside a Chinese restaurant and look down at the table in front of you...

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