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If I download and install my UNA, how do I find a lost password for it

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New update 11.0.7 for Messenger has been released.

There are no new abilities, it contains only bug fixes and improvements.

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New update 11.0.6 for Messenger

There many improvements and fixes to make the Messenger to work faster and more stable on the most part of devices.

New abilities:

  • Mentions
  • Personal Video conferences on profile page
  • Messengers actions are connected now with membership levels: (create video conference,  create talks, send messages, administrate messages, administrate talks, create personal video conferences)
  • Another features: clean history of the talk, time separators, arrows with unread messages number, ability to turn off/on profiles privacy for contact and other small abilities.

Note: New version has changes in database structure for saving unread messages. If you have many active users it make take some time to convert records in database to the new format. 

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Messenger 11.0.5 version has been released. 

There are corrections and improvements for notifications, reactions, design and optimizations for browsers' space.

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New update 11.0.4 for Messenger.

It contains ability to block members by membership level even if they are still participants or have access to the page with messenger's block. Corrections for files uploader and several other small improvements.

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