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This is the Spanish translation for 12 and over. It includes SysApps, CoreApps and PowerAppsEsta es la traduccion al Español de Version 12 y superior, incluye todas las APPs de UNA (SysApps, CoreApps and PowerApps)SysApps CoreApps Power Apps SysAppsDashboardSettingsStorageDesignerPolyglotAccountsPagesFormsNavigationPermissionsCoreAppsPersonsOrganizationsGroupsEventsPostsDiscussionsConversationsAlbumsTimelineNotificationsPaymentContactQuote of the DayChannelsAntispamSMTP MailerDeveloperProfilerOceanProteanDolphin ConnectGoogle ConnectFacebook ConnectLinkedIn ConnectTwitter ConnectUNA ConnectPowerAppsJot MessengerDecorousElastic SearchOAuth ServerPollsFilesStripe ConnectMailchimpMarketData FoxIntercomPaid LevelsInvitationsSnipcartShopifyVideosGoogle Tag ManagerRocketChatPhotosFroalaGlossarySpacesLucidChartsFont Awesome ProAnalyticsMass MailerNexusPlyrTranslations of all OUR modules from the list below will be added soon.Custom Profiles TikTak Short Videos    Pretty Links    Usernames    Watermark Video Pro    Instant Notify    Mandatory Profiles CreationVerified MembersMeet Users Tinder Style    Watermark ProForce Avatar UploadWe guarantee updates for every UNA update to include and update all new strings.If you need any other third party module included in this Spanish translation, please let us know.IMPORTANT. READ BEFORE BUYING:This does not include the full Modules, it only includes the translation of all the modules.
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Persons and Organizations can customize their profile, changing background photos and colors to make it unique.When persons and organizations add customization to their profile they want others to look at it and the chances of sharing their own profile on other social media sites/apps goes higher.The admin can set which fields are allowed, and disable the ones that don't want the users to change.Features: Change background photosChange text colorsChange buttons colorsChange Icons colorsChange font sizesChange borders... all the other settings that your default Theme/Mix has, you can select them for users to customize their profiles with those options.This Module is using the default upload forms and allows images only, it doesn't allow videos, it doesn't allow GIFs.Compatible with UNA 11, UNA 12 and over.This is an amazing feature for your dating site or social network, customizing their own profiles gives them sense of belonging.Important: This module gets the default values from the theme or mix that the user has selected once they click on save, it only saves the fields that were changed. If they didn't select a mix or theme before making changes, the default values are the ones from the default theme installed in your website. We recommend you to enable only one mix from one theme so users don't get confused on why they can't change some parts of their profile.Changelog:Version 1.0.1 - 01/17/2021Fixed image Background Attachment: fixed / scroll / local on Lucid TemplateCUSTOM PROFILE DEMO: this demo it looks like it has a gradient. It is not a gradient, it is a colorful background image. This is the kind of customization that your users will be able to do in their own profiles.DEMO 2 IS HOW IT LOOKS ANOTHER PROFILE WITHOUT THE CUSTOMIZATION:
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This is a full featured video module. The UI is similar than TikTok, Instagram Reels, Likee, Lasso, Dubsmash and others.Features:Users can upload their own videos.Users can vote each other's short videos.Users can comment videos.Users can share their videos on social networks if the sharing buttons are configured on Studio (No need for configuring anything, it displays the system sharing buttons )In mobile, the users can swipe up and down to move to the next / previous video just like in the TikTok APP.The admin can set the Maximum seconds of the uploaded videos, if the video length is higher, the video is not accepted by the upload form. Check out the screenshots for more details.You can test this Module on our demo website: https://una.codemonster.proOn Timeline, the video has an auto-play feature when you scroll up. On desktop, if you mouse over a video from the videos list, it will auto-play (muted).Smart Views Counter feature.Each replay count as another view if the video is at least 10 seconds long. If the user saw at least 50% of the video, then pause it, and click on play again, the counter will increase by 1 once again if 10 seconds has passed since last view.Users can use hashtags and mentions in the video description.AUDIO GALLERYAdmin can enable/disable audio gallery featureAdmin can upload their own audiosUsers can select a song/audio for their videoVideo will trans-code replacing the original audio with the audio selected from gallery*This product does not include audio files, they need to be added by the adminVersion 2.0.1: February 08, 2021 Bugfix on Profile's page "Short videos" from author on UNA 12Fixed full compatibility with UNA 12.NEW VERSION REQUIRES UNA 12, please make sure you have UNA 12 and over before buying this moduleVersion 2.0.0: January 23, 2021Added Audio gallery featureUpdates:The next update might include filters selector on video uploads.If you want us to include another feature, please let us know by sending us a private message and we will see if it can be done.Important: This Module does not include video editor, users must create their videos with the camera or another app before uploading them into this module. If this module gets the attention of many customers, I may make a native or hybrid APP for Android and iOS which will be a TikTok Clone fully compatible with your website and it will include an video editor.
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I did read other topics that are having issues with the video uploads, here is my findings on this problem.Server 1[libx264 @ 0x68a0b40] using cpu capabilities: MMX2 SSE2Fast SSSE3 SSE4.2 AVX FMA3 BMI2 AVX2 AVX512 Video uploads tests:MOV Uploaded from iPhone. FAILEDMP4 Uploaded from Android. FAILEDMP4 Uploaded from PC (downloaded from internet). SUCCESSThis is one of my customer's server. Intel Xeon Processor (Skylake, IBRS) 1 CoreServer 2[libx264 @ 0x6879400] using cpu capabilities: MMX2 SSE2Fast SSSE3 SSE4.2 AVX FMA3 BMI2 AVX2Video uploads tests:MOV Uploaded from iPhone. SUCCESSMP4 Uploaded from Android. SUCCESSMP4 Uploaded from PC (downloaded from internet). SUCCESSThis is my testing server. CPU Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6140 CPU 1 CoreDifferences:    It is trying to use AVX512 of cpu from "Server 1" to convert files and it FAILS. My testing server does not include this capability so it is not trying to use that, all videos are uploaded and converted with no issues.IMPORTANT:  The videos from Android and iOS were taken with the camera and uploaded from the respective devices, but I did test uploading the original videos (MOV and MP4) from the PC and it failed encoding too, so it does not matter from where I upload the files.Recommendations to try to fix this:    Alternative 1 Compile ffmpeg without AVX512 support and replace the file from     Alternative 2 Install ffmpeg from the source, change route to ffmpeg (BX_SYSTEM_FFMPEG) to only 'ffmpeg' on file 'inc/'    None of this recommendations has been tested. Do it on your own risk if you know how. I won't provide tutorials for it neither support if something gets broken.    My Customers who are hosted on UNA Cloud, have not reported this issue to me at the date that this was posted, I think this only affects certain newest CPUs.    If one of this recommendations works for you please comment your results, including your server's hardware specs, operative system name/version. This way we can help others who may have the same issue.UPDATE:I originally tough that this was a problem with the cpu capabilities, now that I could fix the issue in the My Customer's server, I found out that his problem was other.When trying to run the ffmpeg to convert MOV file to MP4 directly in the ssh console, the error was:Error while opening decoder for input stream #0:0 : Resource temporarily unavailableSo it turns out that the server is trying to convert the video using resources that are not available, in this case it means that is trying to use more than 1 core in his server, while in my server the video is converted with no issues with the same command. So, here is what I did to fix it.Set the number of threads that I want that ffmpeg use. In my case, I have a Video Watermark module, in which I did add the threads limit into the code in the php files to only 1 core.Once the module is enabled for watermarking videos, those videos can be converted with no issues. I will release a new update of my Watermarks Module soon that will include this fix.I think that UNA Team should be adding a way to set the threads limit in Studio to avoid this issues with this servers.This topic was posted for UNA version 11 and below, new versions may already fixed this issue if the UNA Team fix it.MSolutions.
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How to download old Modules for Old UNA Version.Watch the video, ask any question belowMSolutions.
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