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Hi guys, kudos for the great jobs.

I had upgraded to 9.0.1 in 2018 and waited for 10 RC1.

I turned on my auto update when I could not upgrade to 10 RC1 as indicated on my Dashboard.

The successful upgrade notification I got this morning says 1 have successfully upgraded to 9.0.1. 

I checked again on the Dashboard, it shows I upgraded to 9.0.1 in 2018 with no more indicator of new available upgrade. I believe those who went through the Beta Route seems not experiencing the same.

My server audit says am still on 9.0.1.

Please where am I ?

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Under the Timeline Module there is a SEND action control, where or how do we use this and how is it different from POST?

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Hi Everyone, quite awhile, been busy with my launch. Ever since RC12 was released, I have not been able to update from RC11 - 12 both manually and automatically.

I left my Auto Update Setting disabled by default because I always want to be sure its safe to update before I dive in. Just being careful 

I have tried severally on my Tablet and lastly on Laptop now to see its same issue. I tried to enable the "Auto Update" control under "Settings" left it overnight many times, but I realized that it returns itself to DISABLED mode each time I have re-checked.

It has always confirmed "New Setting Successfully Saved" and that server will be updated in a minute but nothing has changed.

I checked if I can get this done in the Database, but couldn't identify the relevant Table.

How do I get around this please? If anyone had same issue ever, please give your voice. Cheers

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Hi house, I have been severally tempted to overlook the presentation of Partial Titles so to say. I feel this is something to be corrected. The snippet may or may not even appear much.

I have seen this appear also on UNA Blocks and I must say that the UNA discussions and post are different from a regular website post. Here we search things out to locate post relevant to our issues, we also care to read other peoples issues to know how to ensure we dont experience same problems, just like we visit the pharmacy by necessity and not for pleasure, we ask for what we need, we dont realy care how and where they display our prescription. That is UNA.

For our websites, we market, we attract visitors to read what we show them and the first reference point is the TiTle presenting our post. A Half Title is not good as it communicates nothing. So it will be nice to have all titles in any BLOCK wrapped.

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I transfered a site Full Database to another Domain without the files since I had the same set of fime in the new destination. Every other things works well without errors except that all the Custom Fields (close to 300 predefined and value fields) created during modification is displaying sys codes without the frontend values as captured in the attachement.

Is there any particular folder or files I need to transfer to the new server? What am I missing out please? I need the help of the house please. Thanks in advance.

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I realised there is no provision yet functional on Sound/music or audio upload and playing. Its been talked about a year ago and nothing definite in the discussion. Whats the position now. Media is not complete without audio upload and player. 

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I must acknowledge that UNA is a wonderful framework even though as porwerful as it has been I keep thinking of a few things for tomorrow which can find full application for today.

A lot of people are on stuffs designed for the world and lets take a single sinario where a lot of organizations and individuals signs up on a platform running on UNA, "How do people refrence their pages on Postcards, Letterheads, Business Cards and even mentions on Radios, TVs etc"?

There is need for something neater than the present links we see on the address bars. My Question is Can We Get This To Life Now? 

Facebook has this and I think UNA is out to beat the status quo. We need to be upfront. 

A web handle like, dediary(dot)com/mypage is more presentable than dediary(dot)com/page/view-persons-profile?id=1 to the public . I see this as a potential drawback. Whats your take guys?

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Organization Post, Event, Files View pages should have a Block to display "LIST of Posts, Events and Files" by the same Author Or "Author's Posts" (Showcase View). 

When one is accessing the site through the the public door without any particular Organization in mind,  all contents are given same exposure as it is. Thats is Great.

However, when you choose to go for a particular Organization profile, you enter through the Org home, thats also GREAT as all features has exposure. When you now zero-in on either, File, Posts, Events Homes, you see all "Posts" depending on your studio settings. Clicking takes you to full content and here you no longer have the privilege of seeing the Authors publications except, public Featured, Top Posts, Favorites and so on. One this is missing here.

Where the Author is a writer and has many publications, a Block for "Post Title List" Or "Author's Posts" (Showcase View) will be great and this should be served on the "Post Full View Page". This will prevent navigating back to "Post Home". Profile owners should be giving the maximum privileges for exposure in there own space. As it is, all available block offered in "Add Block" takes the visitor off the desired page except he choses to hit the back button in order to access more posts.

While seeing the full content of a particular post, visitors should have the convenience of seeing other publication (of same origin) in a List Form Or "Author's Posts" (Showcase View). As it is now, while on the viewing page, you can only access another publication from the same Authur by going to the Home Pages for (File, Post or Events).

While trying to figure out if the Add Content option, I also got this ommission as attached.

My view.

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UNA is a framework to achieve anything, I believe the present search functionality is a limitation to that dream. So many niches that Dolphin has been known for requires Advanced Search capability, like Dating and many other profiling projects. My persons profile has 21 fields for 7 different categories and can only search all that with full name and gender. thats to much barrier.

Take Auto business for example requires more than just keywords too. 

Please I suggest that you unlock the capacity of UNA in this area. It should even be on the "Front Burner" so to speak. 

This limited search for Persons and Orgs makes me feel like UNA is in jail, please set it free.

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