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Reposted UNA Inc's product.

This App is used to process subscriptions and single time payments via the shopping cart and accept payments in various currencies. The default UNA's Permissions (via Paid Levels App) and Market App are integrated with Payments App. So, if you want to sell something in Market or sell Paid membership levels on your site you need to start from setting up the Payment App. By default, PayPal and Stripe integrations are available.Β 

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    • hey! I see this in my timeline! YAY! are you seeing my posts in your timeline too?

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      • Yes. if we interact with each other. they should post on both our timelines. ;)Β 

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      • I prefer Matt's product already lol, Paypal is BOOOOOOOOO

        and Stripe has literally NO accounting... I tried Stripe I could never tell if they were jipping me or not....

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        • Hi Mergedia. What payment gateway do you recommend? I'm trying to set up Stripe on my site but also looking for alternatives.

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        Just wanted to tell all the developers they did a great job while making this. I'm in USA, and I think it is not known much. I will do what I can to learn from you all, and maybe in the future, contribute. :)

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          • I found the SMTP module and downloaded it, my head is swimming. thank you. I like the idea this site can be whatever I dream . sorry I hijacked Matt's thread, the site won't allow me to post my own thread πŸ˜ͺ

            Hi Mergedia - this thread is useful regarding SMTP email as well:
            Also the UNA Start Guide is mandatory reading:

            And I've upgraded your user level to Premium, so you can now post links etc

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            • Thanks mark!

              I'll start Β with that mandatory email guide. I can see I have my work cut out for me, I don't know all these terms. SMTP, Captcha, etc, I'm going to be going slow and looking up definitions of stuff. I guess I will start with trying to make the email work and then move on

              thanks for the help!!!!

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              • Ok I did all that, but it isn't working I am getting a softbounce. maybe I'm almost there. I left a comment on the original thread about it :) I have to do more tomorrow my brain is on saturation mode :-)

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