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I tried to start a conversation but the window remains "Connecting"


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    • That's strange. Are you still getting it?

      Maybe you needed to be a member to post a Message.

      'Join confirmation' was selected, while public was 'allowed to post'.

      I've turned off the Join confirmation.

      I did find those two input areas a little confusing at first:

      Post a Message (huge white space) vs Add new Discussion - Post - Poll - Update - Product.

      Michel - Meta-Travel.com

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      Not logged in users can't 'Comments Post'.
      Added a discussion  to  , UNA Community Websites

      What made you choose UNA to be your community management software, or are you still in the testing stages?

      Have you used Dolphin or other software for managing your community before?

      What are the pros and cons of different community management software in your opinion?

      Maybe we can showcase examples of UNA Community Websites or your Dolphin site if you haven't made the move official.

      Michel - Meta-Travel.com

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