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Can someone give details on Courses and classes? A quick glance shows some basics but can UNA please give a more detailed description? What is Asynchronous Mode? Also see "Notes" on profile page now. What is Notes? Same for Tasks. Where is Tasks? What does it do? Where can I find it and what is its purpose?
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What are Notes on profile pages for? Is it just for admins? Is it for users? Is it for users viewing other profiles?
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Can we please have a more detailed breakdown of Courses and Classes apps? I can sort of understand the Courses app by looking at it once its on a page, but classes? Is classes supposed to be able to function once a course is created?
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So this is the current state of my website after what I'm assuming is 12b1? Hope it get fixed. My logo is now floating and enlarged
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Im trying to add a wallpaper to the mix that will cover and stay the entire background as I scroll down. Unfortunatly the image doesnt seem to repeat or stay as I scroll down. It stays in a fixed position. Can someone give me the proper dimensions settings to create a non-moving background that stays as I scroll down?
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